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Wake Up Call
Season 7, Episode 6
Airdate November 10, 2017
Written by Jerome Schwartz
Jane Espenson
Directed by Sharat Raju
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Wake Up Call is the sixth episode of the seventh season and the 139th episode overall of the American fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time. Written by Jerome Schwartz & Jane Espenson and directed by Sharat Raju, it premiered on ABC in the United States on November 10, 2017.

In the episode, Roni and Henry are suddenly discovering that they have a past as mother and son, while in the Magical Forest’s past Regina, feeling like a third wheel in Henry and Cinderella’s sudden relationship, is lured into a scheme by a determined Drizella, which could have consequences in the present day.

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Opening sequence

A Tower is featured in the background.

In the Characters' Past

As Henry and Cinderella take off into the forest, the two are met by thieves who want the motorcycle, but suddenly Regina appears and ready to help, only to have Henry telling her that he and Cinderella can take care of this. Later on, Regina takes a stroll in the woods when she sees a hooded figure attacked by vines and she saved her, only to discover that the hooded figure is Drizella, who is on a mission to steal magic, and Regina agreed to help her. Regina starts training Drizella but after series of failures, Drizella’s talents finally come through when she rescued Regina from a falling tower.

The training also captured the attention of Rumpelstiltskin, who showed up to remind Regina that, just as the Evil Queen was virtually omniscient, so too must be Lady Tremaine. Heeding those words, Regina eavesdrop on Tremaine and discovers that she plans to take Drizella’s heart and place it in Anastasia after failing to get Henry’s heart, leading Regina to suspect that Drizella plans to kill her mother. Drizella wants Regina to help her but Regina refused. Drizella isn’t giving up that easily. When Prince Gregor shows up ready to kill Tremaine, Drizella goes after him, and Regina attempts to intervene. Unfortunately, just as Drizella's caught up with Gregor, it turns out that it was a double-cross set up by Drizella, to lure Gregor into a trap by using black vines to impale Gregor, so her heart can turn dark. This was to order to keep Tremaine from taking it, as well as to cast a new curse that would later trigger Regina’s memories in the Present Day, by Drizella.

Later on, Regina and Henry spend time together to bond and patch over differences surrounding the events.

In Seattle

At Roni’s, the photo of Henry and Regina became the subject of speculation for Roni and Henry, but Roni claims that she tried to adopt a child a while back but didn’t go through with the process. Lucy is seeing this photo and convince her that this was in the book and comes up with a idea to prove it, which leads to Roni contacting Weaver to get information about the adoption in return for a favor. Weaver comes through and gives Roni the papers, and Roni copied the handwritten signature that matches her own.

However, Ivy and the witch already have been planning to use Roni by way of the photo, utilizing the flower from the garden to create a potion (earlier on, Victoria is learning that the flower is giving her headaches). Ivy later visits Roni to have a talk about the photo and the adoption, but as they are about to have a drink, Ivy slipped the potion into Roni’s drink, and as Roni drinks it, her memories of Regina returned and is not happy to see Drizella. Unfortunately, Drizella inform Regina that it was her tutelage that gave her the ability to cast the new curse, and therefore it will be difficult to break because if Henry and Jacinda experience true love’s kiss everyone will be in jeopardy, reminding her of a special contingency that was put into the curse that would hurt Henry if she didn't comply. Regina agreed not to tell Henry and ends up lying to him about the adoption, comparing Henry’s life to that of his birth mother Emma about having to go through life in the foster family system.

In between the events, Jacinda is upset with Henry about Instagram photos that was sent by Ivy of the Halloween event. But after being encouraged to pursue Jacinda, Henry does just that. At the food truck, Henry shows up with a large radio and convince Jacinda to forgive him, and to ask her out on a date, and offered to help her start the engine on the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the mystery surrounding Eloise Gardner continued to add more questions than answers. As Weaver checks out of the hospital, Rogers suspects Tilly and Weaver are holding something back after he talked to Tilly, who then told Rogers about Eloise, explaining in riddles that the information from the sketch book is somehow closer than he thought. Unfortunately, as Rogers catches up with the suspect he caught, someone else has already beaten him to the punch; the suspect was found dead by Rogers.


A scene between Drizella and Regina, where a flower was involved, was cut from the final episode.