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Ryan Robbins
General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 26, 1972
Age: 47
Birthplace: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Other Information
Height: 5'9"
Occupation(s): Actor
Talents: Acting
Family & Friends
Family: Tanja Reichert (ex-sister-in-law)
Relationships: Rebecca Reichert (ex-wife)
Karyn Michelle Baltzer (wife)
Series Information
Character: Sir Morgan
Only appearance: Dreamcatcher

Ryan John Currier, better known as Ryan Robbins, is a Canadian actor.

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Early life

Robbins was born in Victoria, British Columbia.


Robbins is known for his roles as Ladon Radim in Stargate Atlantis, Henry Foss on Sanctuary and Charlie Connor on Battlestar Galactica. He is the only actor to have played two different characters (not counting different incarnations of Cylon models as different characters) in Battlestar Galactica, having originally starred in the miniseries, with heavy makeup and prosthetics to age him, as the Colonial officer assigned to Armistice Station before the Second Cylon War. Robbins also played Diego in the Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica. He has also guest starred in the TV series jPod as Alistair Parish and as Wendell on the Canadian series The Guard. In 2011 he played the role of John Grey in the film Apollo 18. He starred as Rand in Riese, Brad Tonkin in seasons 3 and 4 of Continuum and Tector in Falling Skies. In 2015 he had a recurring role on Arrow. He has a lead role in the Canadian series Pure.

In 2019, Robbins was cast as Frank Andrews in the television series Riverdale.


Year Title Type Role
1997 Sombrio Short Rogie
1997 Horsey Simon Leigh
1998 Cold Squad TV Series Chimp
1998 - 1999 Seven Days TV Series Red
1999 Millennium TV Series Jed
1999 Strange World TV Series Bledsoe
1999 The Net TV Series Incredible Chill Shirt
1999 Late Night Sessions Ben
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