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Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk.

  • Many Worlds, With You by RubyRoseRed - Summary: Imprisoned in the Dark One's castle, Belle has developed an amicable relationship with her captor, until an enchanted object sends them both to alternate realities, where they encounter different versions of themselves again and again. Rated M; Work in Progress
  • The Women before me by David boreanaz's wife247 - Summary: Au Dark castle Belle listens to the strange woman about how true loves kiss can break any curse but when she tries the kiss on her master things do not go well until Belle figures out the truth can she heal her broken master Rated K+; Completed
  • Rumbelle One-shots by rumbelle_af - Summary: Some are fluffy, some are angsty, some are scene fixes from episodes...all are Rumbelle Completed
  • Picture Perfect Bride by Josephine_raya - Summary: Maurice French, no longer wanting to take care of his daughter auctions her off on a mail-order bride website. Mr. Gold responds to the ad. Not Rated; Completed
  • True loves heartbreak by David boreanaz's wife247 - Summary: this takes place at the end of season 4 ep 11 hero's and villeins its a what if AU story Belle is about to Banish her husband from storybrooke but what if she couldn't go through with it and what if there was a reason for it Rated K+; Completed
  • Rumbelle in the City by writingrumbelle - Summary: Rumbelle finally got out of Storybrooke and is headed to the city. With love on their side will their relationship escalate uncontrollably? Find out in this mix of feels,love,and adorability in this short Rumbelle FanFiction Completed
  • The Princess and the Knight by CartoonJessie - Summary: She knew the Ogre Wars were about to start and that her hand would be given away to the bravest knight once this year’s Ogre Wars were over. Falling in love was the dumbest thing she could possibly do. But she feared it was already too late. She had fallen in love with Sir Rumplestiltskin. She only hoped that when the Ogre Wars came to an end, he would turn out to be the knight she was destined to marry. [COMPLETE] Rated M; Completed
  • Created In You by ArkTaisch - Summary: Foreknowledge is a curse. Plagued by visions of his son's death, Rumplestiltskin learns that only one person can help him — a woman who hasn't even been born yet. Desperate, he makes a deal he never thought he'd make, becoming the kind of monster he never wanted to be. (Enchanted Forest arranged marriage AU) Rated T; Unfinished
  • Don't Forget About Me (Rumbelle) by somefanficperson - Summary: This is a Rumbelle story, with a little twist. Instead of the Queen capturing Belle when she is forced to leave the Dark Castle she returns home, only to find that her father has a list of men lined up to marry her. Belle has to follow through with her fathers wishes even if she doesn't like it. Rumple has to stop the wedding before they are separated forever, but will he? Or will he do what he sees best for Belle, a life without the beast? I do not own once upon a time Completed
  • Kind of...Sort of...Maybe by TrueRumbelle - Summary: Synopsis: In cursed - SB Mr. Gold owns all the property in town, including the only venues for weddings, proms, galas and parties of any kind. Miss French is a wedding planner who loves every aspect of her job from the invitations, wedding theme, and flowers all the way through the reception. The only part Belle finds distasteful is her need to work with Mr. Gold, who can be a very difficult man at the best of times. Belle’s curiosity is peaked when the loathsome Mr. Gold starts showing up all over town seeking her attention. Suddenly he’s making an attempt at kindness, small talk in the most awkward way. This change in Mr. Gold’s demeanor seemed to coincide with the arrival of Henry Mills’ birth mother Emma Swan. Not Rated; Completed
  • The Audacious Storybrooke Mirror Advice Columnist (Wed Paper Edition) by Ryunn Kazan - Summary: In which Lacey French is a smutty advice columnist for the Storybrooke Mirror. Rated M; Unfinished
  • (Rumbelle FanFic) Where are the Happy Endings by writingrumbelle - Summary: Belle is being under control as she makes Rumple leave,so she decides she needs to be with him and leave Storybrooke forever to be with him. Completed