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Robin Hood
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General Information
Status: Destroyed by the Olympian Crystal
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Family & Friends
Family: Roland (with Marian)(son)
Robin Hood/Margot (with Zelena) (daughter)
Relationships: Maid Marian (wife [deceased])
Zelena (alternate reality)
soulmate: Regina Mills
Other Information
Abilities: Expert archer
Magical crossbow which never misses its target
Aliases: Robin of Locksley
Series Information
First appearance: Lacey
Last appearance: Leaving Storybrooke
Portrayer: Sean Maguire
Tom Ellis (first appearance)

Robin of Locksley is a fictional character in ABC's television series Once Upon a Time. He is portrayed by British actor/singer Sean Maguire, who became a series regular in the fifth season after making recurring appearances in the third and fourth season. He is the second actor to play the role in the series, as it was first played by Tom Ellis in the second season, but scheduling conflicts prevented Ellis from reprising the role, resulting in Maguire taking the role afterwards.

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Character background

Season 2

In the Enchanted Forest, Robin of Locksley is a skilled archer who robs from the rich to give to the poor with his group of Merry Men. He is also the father to his and Maid Marian's son Roland. Prior to his life as a thief, Robin was a tavern owner who was faced with having his establishment taken over by the Sheriff of Nottingham. Robin later becomes the Prince of Thieves and gives himself the name Robin Hood, giving stolen money to the townspeople and setting up his band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest with his close group of friends. One of his allies Will Scarlet betrays Robin, stealing for himself alone and exiting the group. After his pregnant wife Marian falls ill, Robin uses a necklace which contains a glamour spell from the Land of Oz to change his face when he breaks into Rumplestiltskin's castle to steal a magic wand. Rumplestiltskin catches and tortures Robin with the intention of killing him, though Belle frees him and he heals Marian.

Season 3

After Regina loses her love Daniel, Tinker Bell leads her to Robin Hood, claiming he is her true love. However, Regina is scared to love again and refuses to meet him. Marian is later killed by Regina (later known as the Evil Queen) for supporting Snow White, leaving Robin to raise Roland alone. Whilst looking for a globe belonging to Rumplestiltskin, Neal and Mulan encounter Robin Hood in Rumplestiltskin's castle. He reluctantly uses Roland as bait to call Peter Pan's shadow to allow Neal to travel to Neverland. When Peter Pan's curse takes everyone from Storybrooke back to their original worlds, he rescues Regina and Mary Margaret in the Enchanted Forest from a flying monkey. He gradually forms a bond with Regina, and after Snow and Charming reluctantly enact a curse to save their baby, Robin is sent to Storybrooke with no memories of the past year. He again likens to Regina and the two later begin a romantic relationship. However, this relationship is shattered after Emma, who traveled to the past with Captain Hook, unintentionally saved Marian before she could be executed by Regina and brought her back to the present.

Season 4

Robin Hood and Roland are reunited with Marian, and Robin decides he must remain loyal to Marian, leaving Regina. However, after Marian is cursed with a freezing spell, Robin asks for Regina's help to save her, with his love for Regina overpowering him. Robin then assists Regina in finding the Author of Henry's story book in order to find Regina's happy ending. After Marian is saved by Regina, Robin chooses to be with the latter, though after Marian again appears to suffer with remnants of the spell, she is forced to be taken over the town line to cure herself. Regina informs Robin that he must assist her into the real world, reluctantly giving up her happiness to save Robin's family. In New York City, Robin learns that Marian is in fact Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, and Regina's half-sister, who killed Marian and posed as her. However, before this knowledge, Zelena announces she is pregnant with Robin's child. Regina brings Robin, Zelena and Roland back to Storybrooke, and places Zelena in the psychiatric ward of Storybrooke General Hospital.

Season 5

Robin joins everyone in the quest to find Merlin and vanquish the Darkness forever. However, he is nearly killed by a rogue member of the Knights of the Round Table. He is saved by Emma, but being the Dark One, she accidentally summons a Fury onto him. Back in Storybrooke, he is saved from being sent to the Underworld by Regina, David, Leory, King Arthur and Mary Margaret, who offer portions of their lives to pay off the price of saving his life. When Hook, also a Dark One, is tricked into resurrecting the previous Dark Ones, Robin is one of those marked with Charon's emblem to be sent back in their place, however Hook has a change of heart and kills himself along with the Dark Ones.

Robin later joins everyone with their rescue mission to the Underworld. When his daughter is dragged there by accident, he remains in hiding to keep her safe, refusing to even name her while in the Underworld, since Hades could use that to have power over her. Though his life is threatened by the deranged Prince James, he is saved by Emma and David. Upon returning to Storybrooke, Robin gives his life to save Regina from Hades, surprisingly being avenged by Zelena. He is given a funeral, leaving Regina broken-hearted once again. At his funeral, Zelena and Regina agreed to name his daughter after him.

Season 7

When Regina is captured by Wish Realm Henry, Robin appears to Regina in a dream reminding her that even though he did help her change, she help herself change and tells her Wish Realm Henry can be too. Regina then says how sad their time together was cut short but Robin tells her that doesn’t mean it was any less epic and kisses her one last time before she wakes with a red feather in her hand.

Alternate form

Robin of Locksley
Placeholder person.png
General Information
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Family & Friends
Family: Henry Mills (stepson)
Relationships: Maid Marian (significant other, deceased)
Evil Queen (fiancée)
Series Information
First appearance: Wish You Were Here
Last appearance: The Final Battle
Portrayer: Sean Maguire

Robin of Locksley

In season 6 episode "Wish You Were Here", the Evil Queen used one of her genie wishes to wish that Emma Swan had never become the savior. The wish created a whole new duplicate realm, known as the Wish Realm, which consists of alternate versions of the Enchanted Forest characters that come with different backstories for the 28 years after the point in which Regina never got to cast her curse. This includes an alternate version of Robin, who never married Marian and never became an honorable thief. This wish version of Robin is officially known as Robin of Locksley, which was also the original Robin's title before he made himself known as "Robin Hood."

Season 6

In the Wish Realm, Regina and Emma encounter an alternate version of Robin. This new Robin tries to rob Regina and Emma, distracting the former long enough for them to miss the portal to Storybrooke. After he robs them he leaves and is later found by Regina drinking at a tavern and is asked by her if he's happy believing if it was best if they never met back in the real world. After the Sheriff of Nottingham captures both of them this Robin reveals he steals from the rich to make himself rich, Marian died before they were married and his name remained "Robin of Locksley", so Regina realizes that in the Wish Realm his life is unhappy. After Rumplestilskin rescues them he throws them into his dungeon after the Evil Queen in the Wish Realm left Belle for dead in the tower, Robin then is told about the other realm and how he's dead and asks did the "other" Robin had a good life. Robin and Regina both manage to escape and head back to Pinocchio's house where he's finished the wardrobe to send them back to Storybrooke and gives Regina a lucky feather from one of his arrows which is what the "other" Robin wanted her to have and after talking with Emma, Regina asks Robin if he wants to come along and he agrees.

Once they return Regina starts to lose hope as Robin takes long to appear but finally arrives and is hugged by Regina and officially welcomed to Storybrooke. Regina tries to help Robin adjust to his new life in Storybrooke and after a heated agrument with Zelena about Robin not allowed any custody of his daughter, Robin leaves to kill Keith who is the Sheriff of Nottingham. After Regina stops him she tells him about the "other" Robin's children and complications he had, this causes Robin to argue with Regina that this new life is not what he wanted and after talking things through they kiss but Regina doesn't feel the love and Robin later breaks into her vault and steals a box with potions. Not wanting to live in Storybrooke anymore Robin teams up with Zelena to break the barrier spell to escape to New York, but the attempt to leave fails as the potions do not work and Regina saddened by Robin promises to break barrier so he can leave.

Afterwards when Robin is alone in the woods the Evil Queen snake escapes from her cage and bites Robin's hand which contains a spell from a potion earlier and turns her back to normal and she tells him she has big plans for Storybrooke and offers to give him a tour from her point of view.

But later, he's sent back to the Wish Realm where he meets the Evil Queen, who now has repented and changed, and they soon starts a new life with each other. However, in the Wish Realm they are chased by angry villagers and Prince Henry who want the Evil Queen dead so they escape to the Enchanted Forest and start to steal from the rich and give to the poor. He is later mentioned to be with Friar Tuck when the heroes return to the Enchanted Forest and later shoots an arrow to the Evil Queen with a ring attached to it asking for her hand in marriage and to start a new beginning.

Character Development and Reception

At first, the producers wanted Ellis to continue in the role, but scheduling conflicts prevented Ellis from reprising, resulting in Maguire taking the role afterwards.