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Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk.
  • Who is Regina Mills by MGstars - Summary: He just arrived in Storybrooke, and from the first time he saw her he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Robin wants to be her friend, to learn to know her, who she is. But he soon realizes that this wonderful girl named Regina Mills is hiding a terrible secret. Non magical AU investigation, highschool OQ. Check the A/N for warnings Rated M; Work in Progress.
  • Win, Lose or Law by Babylawyer - Summary: Law students AU. Regina Mills and Robin Locksley are first year law classmates who find each other very attractive. When they succumb to that attraction they end up in a friends with benefits arrangement. As they navigate their second semester of law school they grow closer and find comfort in each other when things go awry. But will they ever be more than casual? Rated E; Work in Progress.
  • Sanctuary by parrillamillsqueen - Summary: Regina spends time on the Ross Ranch to get away from her demanding career. Trouble has caused her to disappear for some R&R. Jack and Betty Ross's ranch was her summer vacation home when she was a child. Eight years later, she's back and their son Robin is too. Not knowing he'd be there, she's faced to come to terms with her past and struggles to keep a secret. Rated M; Unfinished.
  • An Impromptu Rescue by LanaOrgana - Summary: When Regina is about to be executed, by her own knights no less, she starts to give up on the idea of getting herself out of the mess she's in, only then to have a mysterious blue-eyed figure come to her rescue. Who is this figure? Will they find out who Regina really is? And will the queen runaway a second time? (Credit to owner of cover image) Rated M; Unfinished
  • Outlaw Queen oneshots by regxnamills - Summary: A bunch of Robin and Regina oneshots. Completed.
  • Silver Lining by reginasevilregal - Summary: Regina's life, set in a land without magic. An abusive relationship breaks Regina, but she manages to change her fate after meeting Robin. What's next for them? Warning - The story contains an abusive relationship, psysical violence, mentions of a miscarriage. Highest ranking - #3 in OutlawQueen and #1 in Robin Hood Completed.
  • In Any Universe by MackenzieW - Summary: A collection of my entries for the OQ Prompt Parties. OQ set in canons and various AUs. Rated T; Unfinished
  • Twice As Far by Lananiuska - Summary: Other than living in a world that was falling apart, they didn’t have much in common. But when destiny puts them together in situations they have nothing but themselves to pull through, they begin to see that there could be more to them than just being two survivors. Rated E; Work in Progress
  • Outlaw Queen by kebirosey - Summary: Regina and Robin... Pretty much sums it up ( portrayed by Lana Parrilla & Sean Maguire, in the show Once Upon a Time) no characters are mine, all rights go to the show Once Upon a Time* |||||||||||| Two lawyers, two very different people, but both have taking a liking to each other? Regina Mills is a young lawyer in search for a job after being 'let go' from her past job. She then finds herself a job at Legal Locksley, but was it the best choice? Robin Locksley is the owner of Legal Locksley. He becomes quite fond of his new lawyer, Regina Mills. They seem to be going great ( relationship matter) until Robin's investor finds out. Since he owns a good chunk of the firm, Robin wouldn't want to upset him. But this time, the investor makes him fire Regina. What will she say? Or what will he do when she takes a job offer from his rival? |||||||| Read to find out! Completed
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