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Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk.

  • All Wet by 29PheonixLement - Summary: Who knew cooling off during a heatwave could end up being so hot? Rated M; Completed
  • Alice in Wonderland, It's my favorite. by abetternameneeded - Summary: Alice and Robin talk about Margot's favorite book. Rated G; Completed
  • All The Best People Are Mad by Harry's Anatomy - Summary: Alice gets bullied at school. Why? Because people see her as a nerd and a weirdo. All because she is smart and has bad days from time to time. But what happens when her crush Robin Mills stands up for her? Will they become friends or will they be something much more? MadArcher high school AU. No magic, every one is just a muggle, in lack of better terms. Rated T; Unfinished
  • Drive by abetternameneeded - Summary: 7x14 car scene but Alice gets in the drivsr's seat of the yellow bug. Rated K+; Completed
  • To Love Another by Soaring_Ships - Summary: With the short screen time the two were given in 7x10 of OUAT, I decided to write my own backstory for the meeting and romance of Robin and Alice. Hopefully we will see more of the couple and their canon history when the show returns in the Spring. Enjoy! Completed
  • Love Tested by Aussy101 - Summary: Robin and Alice have always been a thing, and everybody knows it, and they're taking the relationship to the next level. They were together before and after a merging of a kingdom and nothing has separated them so far. But what happens to a relationship when a war errupts? Let the adventure begin. WARNING! Lots and LOTS of mushy and corny storytelling. Ongoing
  • Love with You is the Best Story of All by obisgirl - Summary: Robin comes to realize her feelings for Alice. Completed
  • Snow Day by abetternameneeded - Summary: Alice and Robin spend the day outside while it's snowing. Rated G; Completed
  • Young Love by riah alice drake - Summary: My half-finished AU-ish idea of how Regina was introduced to Alice. (Please see notes for details) Rated K+; Unfinished
  • Trap by abetternameneeded - Summary: Robin and Alice discover an animal in a poacher's trap Rated K+; Completed
  • MadArcher💚 Once Upon A Time by Bex_OUAT - Summary: This book is about MadAcher from Once Upon A Time. This story is about their adventures in the Enchanted Forest and Hyperion Heights and even after that! If you have any ideas for this story, just comment or send me a message! I hope you enjoy it!💚 I'll try to upload as much as I can :) Ongoing
  • Madarcher Stuff (NO COVER YET) by IzzyGranger121 - Summary: Just some random AlicexRobin stuff @Cringequeen12 and I came up with. Hope you enjoy! (All characters besides Noah and Grace belong to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis) Ongoing