This list comprises the items featured in the American fantasy-drama television series Once Upon a Time and its spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.


Aging Dust

The Aging Dust is causes the victim to age. The amount of aging depends on the amount of dust used.

Emma put some in the onion rings she gave Zelena, to accelerate her pregnancy. She wanted baby Robin out of the way so she could put the Darkness into Zelena and then kill her with Excalibur.

Mr. Gold owns some as well as he used it to temporarily age a fairy that he and the Evil Queen chased and captured into an old woman. Regina was mentioned to have found a way to restore the fairy back to her rightful age.

The Evil Queen stole some and slipped it into Belle's tea, causing her to go into labor within minutes.

Agrabahn Viper Poison

The Agrabahn Viper Poison is a poison that's contained in the Agrabahn Vipers. The effects differ based on if one is bitten by a viper or ingests the poison. If bitten, the victim will die of poisoning like normal, but if ingested, the victim will dissolve in green smoke. However, the spreading of the poison can be stopped if the victim is taken to the Land of Untold Stories prior to his or her death.

Ale of Seonaidh

The Ale of Seonaidh (pronounced "sh-naid") is a special ale that enables the person to speak to the dead upon pouring it on their grave. The ale needs to be sprinkled over the deceased's grave in order to have any contact with his or her spirit.


Ambrosia is a chocolate plant that is also known as the food of the Gods. This myth was according to Hades' telling of a rumor of the only time when someone was able to bring the dead back to life from the Underworld, the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. The plant can be used to restore a soul and be reunited safely with one's living body. In order to acquire ambrosia, one has to go deep into the Underworld and face a test to determine True Love based on her heart.

Anti-Transformation Powder

The Anti-Transformation Powder is magical powder which can be used to stop transformation, and transform someone back to their original self.

Arthur's Reliquary

The Arthur's Reliquary is a Camelot item. This is where the Knights of the Round Table store the most precious items that they've collected from their quests.

Apprentice's Scroll

The Apprentice's Scroll originally belonged to Merlin who gave it to his apprentice. The scroll is later given to Ingrid. The scroll can be used as a way to enter Storybrooke, as shown by Ingrid, Ursula and Cruella.


Baelfire's Coconut

Baelfire's Coconut is used to contain Peter Pan's shadow. It holds a candle inside to lure a shadow into it inside the Dark Hollow.


A book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, fastened together to hinge at one side. There are many different normal books in this show.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a book written by Alice about her adventures in Wonderland. The title of the book is suggested by her daughter after Alice finishes reading the book to her. The book illustrates the past and present of Wonderland during Alice's time.

An Alphabetized Inventory of Magical Antiquities

An Alphabetized Inventory of Magical Antiquities is a book from in Colette's library, and is a record of every magical item in Sir Maurice's kingdom.

Book of Prophecy

Book of Prophecy is a book owned by the Fairies, which Fiona/the Black Fairy uses to find out her infant son's fate.

Dark One Chronicles

Dark One Chronicles is a compendium of several texts that contain information about the Dark Ones, including helpful information about the first Dark One, Nimue.

Her Handsome Hero

Her Handsome Hero is a book which belongs to Belle, and it was the first story her mother read to her. Belle cares deeply for the book as she attempts to retrieve it during the ogre invasion at her kingdom. There is a duplicate copy of it in the Underworld owned by Gaston. Belle and Mr. Gold's son is named after the book's hero, Gideon.

Boro Grove's Spore Flowers

Boro Grove's Spore Flowers are Wonderland plant species. The spore flowers grow on trunks of Boro Grove trees, and they exude a purple-pinkish cloud of fog that gives off a fragrant perfume. Those that inhale the scent are plagued with almost instant amnesia and are drawn into a lively stupor of wanting to stay in the Boro Grove. If the person stays in this state after a short period of time, he or she will begin turning into a Boro Grove tree. The spore flowers affect humans, except for those who don't have their hearts.


Carmarthen Scroll

The Carmarthen Scroll is a Camelot item. It is a mysterious piece of paper King Arthur works hard to translate, in order to find clues about how to make Excalibur whole again.

It has the code to open the Dark One's vault.

Chalice of Vengeance

The Chalice of Vengeance is an item that determines a person's guilt or innocence by drinking from the cup.

Chipped Cup

The Chipped Cup is taken from the story between Rumplestiltskin and Belle. While serving Rumplestiltskin at his castle, Belle accidentally drops a drinking cup, causing it to be chipped. After Rumplestiltskin demands her to leave following her romantic feelings for him, he is falsely informed by the Evil Queen Regina that she had died. He then places the cup on display as a tribute or remembrance.

Mr. Gold alter explains it is his most cherished possession.

Conch Shells

The Conch Shells is a Neverland item. Blowing a conch shell can make the ocean and aquatic people hear you, and they can be used to summon magical storms and giant squids, and to summon mermaids across realms. They can also be enchanted to make someone's voice come from different directions.

Cora's Safe

Cora's Safe is a vault for storing the Safe Haven residents' hearts. Cora later brings the vault with her to Storybrooke and keeps it together with Regina's.

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is a place of significance in Once Upon a Time. For the twenty-eight years of the first Dark Curse, it remained stuck at 8:15, never changing time until Emma, the Savior, decided to stay in Storybrooke. It served as a place of many showdowns, such as between Regina and Zelena, Cora and Mary Margaret, Mr. Gold and Emma. It also served to hide items, such as the Dark One's dagger, and the dream-catchers Emma kept everyone's memories in. The Black Fairy also put some dark fairy dust in it which unleashed the fourth Dark Curse during Emma's wedding. Many people have been thrown out of the clock face, such as Snow White's former nanny Johanna, along with Zelena. There's also a duplicate version of the clock tower in the Underworld, which later serves as a portal back to Storybrooke.

Crimson Heart

The Crimson Heart is an artifact from the Land of Oz that can drain someone of their magic.

At the time when he was slowly turning into tin for chopping down a tree on the Wicked Witch of the North's property, Stanum turned to Zelena for help in obtaining this artifact. After fending off a lion and arriving at the artifact, Zelena briefly experienced its abilities and claimed that Stanum set her up. After Stanum stated that she would be liked upon being normal, Zelena took the Crimson Heart as Stanum's tin conversion comes to an end.

Years later, Zelena summons the Crimson Heart to Storybrooke. In the presence of Emma and Regina, she uses the artifact on herself in order to remove the wickedness from the Fairy Crystals that the Black Fairy tricked her into weaponizing.

Cruella's Car

Cruella's Car is a 1920s England vehicle owned by Cruella De Vil, though it originally belonged to Isaac Heller during his brief stay in her world. There is also a car that resembles Cruella's car in the Land Without Magic. The exterior of the car is black and white, with a red carpeted interior; the rear of the vehicle, which as has a red carpet layout, has a truck with a spare tire compartment attached. The licence plate reads "DEV IL". A duplicate version of the 1920s England vehicle is seen in the Underworld, also owned by Cruella.

Cupid's Arrows

Cupid's Arrows are arrows that are used to seek out anyone that whoever loves out.

Provided with their locations by Tinker Bell, the Evil Queen's father Henry led his daughter to a hidden location where Cupid's Arrows are located. Upon making a mixture, the Evil Queen inverts one of the arrows with it so that it can find someone she hates. In this case, Snow White. When the Evil Queen fires the arrow, it leads her to her own castle where the inverted arrow landed on the wardrobe's mirror showing that the Evil Queen hates herself much to her frustration.

Cyrus' Talisman

Cyrus' Talisman is a necklace worn by Cyrus. In bonds Cyrus and Alice's love for each other. It has a pendant in the middle which glows bright red.


Dark One's Dagger

The Dark One's Dagger is a blade belonging to the Dark One's evolving victim, whose name is inscribed. It is also later revealed to be a broken half of the sword Excalibur. After Nimue turned dark, Merlin tethered her to it, turning the broken half of Excalibur into the Dark One's Dagger. Anyone who wields the Dark One's Dagger can control the Dark One. A Dark One can cleave themselves of the Dagger's control and retain their powers, so long as they have the Sorcerer's hat when it aligns with the night sky, and the heart of someone who knew them before they became the Dark One. The only other way for a Dark One to survive, but lose their powers is to be kissed by their true love; however, this doesn't work in the Land Without Magic. The more evil deeds a Dark One performs, the more their heart blackens, until eventually, their original self vanishes and the Dark One is all they are.


A Diamond in the Land Without Magic is the strongest substance in the world, often used for jewelry. In the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke, they are mined by the dwarfs so they can be crushed and refined into Fairy Dust.


A Dreamcatcher is a magical item of unknown origin used to retrieve memories. As the Dark One, Emma made dreamcatchers to preoccupy herself at night because Dark Ones do not sleep. It is also used as an ingredient in the third Dark Curse by Emma to wipe out everyone's memory of their time in Camelot.


The Dreamshade is a native poison of Neverland, it is typically found as an oozing substance in thorns. The waters of Neveland can cure the afflicted, but at the cost of preventing them for ever leaving that realm which is what happened to Captain Hook's brother Liam.

Dwarf Pickaxe

Dwarf Pickaxes are tools assigned to mining Dwarves after they are newly hatched and ready to work. Per axe, each is designated to give a name to a dwarf based on his individual personality. A pickaxe that no longer fits a dwarf after he undergoes a personality change (such as in the case of Dreamy when he became Grumpy) cannot use the old pickax anymore. Instead, a new pickaxe is assigned to the dwarf with a new name. As noted by the lead mining dwarf Bossy, pickaxes never lie and always tell the truth about a dwarf's personality type by the name that is given. Though pickaxes are usually reserved for dwarves only, an exception is given when a giant named Anton is having trouble finding a place in life where he fits in and is accepted by the dwarves as a brother of sorts. Anton is given his own pickaxe with his nickname "Tiny" on it. Pickaxes are incredible durable and can break the most rigid of items, including diamonds. It is used as a weapon by Greg to break open the trigger and undo Storybrooke, and by Snow White to learn Queens whereabouts from a soldier. They can't work on the stone holding Excalibur.


Elixir of the Wounded Heart

The Elixir of the Wounded Heart is a powerful elixir capable of healing emotional and physical damage to the drinker's heart. It was originally kept in Emerald City before being stolen by Robin Hood.

Emma's Car

Emma's Car is a Volkswagen Beetle car belonging to the protagonist Emma Swan. The original owner of the car is not known as it was stolen by Neal Cassidy, who later becomes Emma's love. The car is then given to her.

Emma's Jacket

Emma's Jacket is Emma Swan's signature trademark outfit of choice. The red leather jacket acts as her emotional "armor" and has been a part of life since she purchased it in 2010 as a reminder of having befriended Cleo Fox, a bounty hunter who inspired Emma to become a bounty hunter in her own right.

In Season Six, Emma largely abandons the jacket in favor of cardigans.

Enchanted Bow

An Enchanted Bow is a typical bow and arrow with magical properties. An arrow fired from the bow will always reach its target that is made clear by the wielder.

Enchanted Bracelet

An Enchanted Bracelet is used for various purposes. One purpose is to remove someone's magical abilities. According to Peter Pan, the bracelet was created by him. A second bracelet can give mermaids human form.

Enchanted Candle

An Enchanted Candle is a magical item used to save someone's life by taking another's. The victim, or at least their heart, needs to have the candle lit over it and the killer must speak their name; whoever the person intends to heal with the magic is saved from death.

Enchanted Cloak

The Enchanted Cloakis a magical garment created by a wizard, who gave it to Red Riding Hood's grandmother. It has always been insisted upon by her grandmother that Red wear the cloak at all times, with the claim that its red color repels wolves. However, it is later revealed that Red in fact needs the item of clothing to ward off her curse of turning into a werewolf at "wolf's time."

Enchanted Compass

An Enchanted Compass is a compass that is used to guide the person holding it to a desired location. Hansel and Gretel has another type of compass which allows them to track and find their father. In Wonderland, Cyrus owns a separate Enchanted Compass that would guide him to his mother if he ever got lost.

Enchanted Harpoon

The Enchanted Harpoon was owned by Captain Nemo. Originally it was used to kill the murderer of his family, Nemo later enchanted it to find wayward souls seeking revenge. Thus he filled the Nautilus with others like himself, with the dream of reaching the "mysterious island" so they can start over.

Two people the harpoon lead Nemo to were Liam Jones II and Killian Jones.

Enchanted Heart

An Enchanted Heart is a magical item that all inhabitants from magical realms own within their bodies. The user of the heart can crush it and kill the victim, control the victim's actions and speech, or use the heart to reanimate the victim's dead bodies. Additionally, people with their hearts ripped out are unable to feel any true emotion until the heart is restored. A heart can be split in half, which is painful for whoever it belongs to, and given to someone who has lost their own; it is unknown if this means that if one of them dies, the other will as well. However, this cannot work if the person has been dead too long, as a rotting corpse will not be able to hold its former soul; only Ambrosia would be able to restore the body to full health in order for the soul to return to it once half a heart is given. In short, an Enchanted Heart works similarly to the Dark One Dagger, as whoever the heart belongs to has to do whatever is said by the one who holds their heart.

Enchanted Cuffs

Enchanted Cuffs are a device created by Dr. Jekyll to restrain Mr. Hyde once he was captured. As he notes, even Hyde's monster strength cannot break the cuffs.

Enchanted Spear Tip

An Enchanted Spear Tip was owned by Captain Nemo. Originally used to kill the murderer of his family, Nemo later enchanted it to find lost souls in need of saving. Thus he filled the Nautilus with others like himself, with the dream of reaching the "mysterious island" so they can start over. Two people the spear lead Nemo to were Liam Jones II and Killian Jones.

Enchanted Trees

Enchanted Trees are trees whose wood can be carved into magic-based items. The very last enchanted tree in the Enchanted Forest was used to make the magic wardrobe, which suggests there are no more enchanted trees in existence. An enchanted tree was used to make the magic wardrobe. A branch of an enchanted tree can be carved into a quill for the Author. The Jolly Roger was made from an enchanted tree. Pinocchio was carved from an enchanted tree.

Birdbark Tree

The Birdbark Tree are a Wonderland plant species. It is a tree that is able to fly by agitating its leaves.

Merlin's Tree

Merlin's Tree was a Camelot plant. Nimue used the Dark One's Dagger and a tear of Merlin's broken heart to turn him into a tree. The tree can telepathically communicate with people.

Tree of Wisdom

The Tree of Wisdom is a magical tree that can answer any question as long as the person who asks the question is pure of heart. It cannot work for a pregnant woman, as the unborn child's heart is neither pure or evil.

Tum Tum Tree

The Tum Tum Tree is a Wonderland plant. This tree grows in Mimsy Meadows.

Endless Coin Bag

The Endless Coin Bag is a magical bag capable of containing vast amounts of gold coins than what its physical size allows, which Rumplestiltskin brings to the Land Without Color to pay for Dr. Frankenstein's services. It is likely the currency would be more valuable in that land as its colored instead of black and white.

Excalibur Stone

The Excalibur Stone is a magic rock where Merlin embeds Excalibur in the stone, where it remains until it is pulled out by King Arthur centuries later. The sword is later returned to the stone by Hook, and both objects are transported to Storybrooke, where Mr. Gold pull it out again.

Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm is a much sought-after blue sapphire, and countless sailors have lost their lives trying to find it. Hades offers the stone to Liam Jones, in exchange for letting his cargo ship sink so Hades can have the crew's souls, except for him and his brother Killian, who will be saved. Liam makes the deal and drives the ship right into a storm. Liam then uses the stone to get him and his brother their dream jobs in the royal navy.


Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust is a fine powder enchanted by fairies used for good purposes. In the Enchanted Forest, dwarfs mine for diamonds underground, and with the use of machinery, the diamonds are ground down to make fairy dust, which is collected and used by fairies.

Dark Fairy Dust

Dark Fairy Dust is a type of fairy dust that comes from the Dark Realm, to which the Black Fairy/Fiona was banished to by the Blue Fairy. The Black Fairy kidnapped numerous children over the centuries to mine it for her. She used it in the creation of the Dark Curse. When unrefined dust is tossed on a target, they turn into harmless bugs. Fiona attempted to turn the Fairy Crystals in Storybrooke dark by using Zelena's unstable magic. However, Zelena gave up her magic to a special magic heart, removing her taint from the crystals. The Black Fairy got enough dust to curse Storybrooke ten times over, releasing a new curse.

Flame of Prometheus

The Flame of Prometheus, also known as the Promethean Flame, is a magical fire used to giving fire to mankind, forging Excalibur and release someone from Excalibur's control. Originally a powerful burning flame, it was reduced to a small blaze after Nimue became darkened by murdering Vortigan. Then she stole the Flame of Prometheus and sealed it into her heart. At the time when Emma Swan was the Dark One, she ripped the Flame of Prometheus out of Nimue's spirit.

Flying Broomstick

The Flying Broomstick is a broom that can fly and serve as a witch's mode of transportation. Zelena has a Flying Broomstick that she uses to fly to different places.


The Forget Me Knot is a magical item in the shape of a rope that, when looped together, acts as a picture frame to present the more recent thing that occurred at the chosen scene.


Glass Coffin

The Glass Coffin is built by the Seven Dwarves for Snow White to be placed in after her "death" at the Evil Queen's hands. After the curse is cast, the coffin ends up in Storybrooke, where Regina keeps it underground, guarded by a dragon.

Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper is an Enchanted Forest item, that belongs to Cinderella. It was given by Rumplestiltskin as part of a deal.

Genie Lamp

A Genie Lamp is the home of a genie within, who is unleashed upon being found by someone.[5] The genie lamp, notably the genies in it, can be used in a spell to change the laws of magic but three genie bottles are needed and the bottles must contain its genie.

Glowing Stone

The green glowing stone in engraving swan tin box belongs to Emma Swan.

Golden Brain

A Golden Brain is a magical item that represents a symbol of wisdom and can be used in a Time Travel spell. A golden brain can be removed from the head of someone with magic the same way used to remove a heart.


Hades' Car

In the Underworld, Hades' choice of transportation is a red 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Impala Sport Coupe, which he used for his date with Zelena.

Hammer of Hephaestus

The Hammer of Hephaestus is an item of unknown origin that can be used by anyone who doesn't have magic. It can also be used to open a gateway to and from the World Behind the Mirror.

Hercules' Medals

Hercules' Medals show motifs from the Labours of Hercules: The Nemean Lion, the Lernaean Hydra, the Ceryneian Hind, the Erymanthian Boar, the Augean stables, the Stymphalian Birds, the Cretan Bull, the Mares of Diomedes, the girdle of Hippolyta, the cattle of the monster Geryon, and the apples of Hesperides. The final labor that involves Cerberus is missing since Hercules hadn't faced him yet and fell in battle against him while protecting Megara. Though he, Megara and Mary Margaret are able to defeat Cerberus in the Underworld.

Hook of Killian Jones

The Hook of Killian Jones is a replacement of the character's left hand when Rumplestiltskin chops off Jones' hand. It also can be enchanted and used to rip out an enchanted heart.

Holy Grail

The Holy Grail is the source of all magic in all the realms and is a magical item originally from Camelot. One who drink from the Holy Grail receives magic and immortality. However this comes with a downside; even if the immortal kills in self-defense, or to save another life, they will become darkened forever. This also results in a physical change in the killer; Nimue's skin turned scaly green. The Holy Grail can also be used along with the Olympian Crystal to destroy the magic of a realm.

Unholy Grail

The Unholy Grail was a twin to the Holy Grail and had the ability to take away magic. There is a duplicate version of it at the New York Public Library when Henry Mills and Violet were planning to destroy magic.


Ingredients for a Time Travel Spell

The Ingredients for a Time Travel Spell are:

  • A symbol of wisdom pointing North (a golden brain)
  • A symbol of courage pointing East (a courageous hero's sword)
  • A symbol of love pointing South (a resilient person's heart)
  • A symbol of innocence pointing West (a baby)

Additionally, a drawn outline of a compass symbol on the ground is required with each symbolic bearing facing in the direction of the real bearing, and the caster must stand inside while casting the spell.

  • The four ingredients of the spell represent a specific element of light magic—love, wisdom, courage and innocence—which are also embodied by the sisterhood of witches of Oz.
  • These elements are derived from the items sought by Dorothy's traveling party in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz—the Scarecrow's brain, the Tin Woodman's heart, and the Cowardly Lion's courage.

Invisible Chalk

Invisible Chalk is a magical item found in Mr. Gold's pawnshop in Storybrooke used for the purpose of creating a barrier. Under the conditions he is unable to do it himself, he tells Emma to draw a line using the chalk near the pawnshop door and then further instructs her on how to enact a barrier spell to prevent Cora from attacking him.


Jolly Roger

The Jewel of the Realm is a ship belonging to Liam Jones after he was promoted to replace their old captain. It had a Pegasus sail, which allowed it to fly. Following Liam's death, Killian takes over the ship and renames it the Jolly Roger.


Lily's Baby Rattle

Lily's Baby Rattle is an item that Maleficent originally intended to give this to her baby daughter after she was born, but when Lily is stolen and whisked to another land, she uses it to grieve for her absence. After the mother and daughter are reunited, Maleficent gives it to Lily.

Lily's Necklace

Lily's Necklace is a necklace belonging to Lilith Page, in the shape of a crescent moon. Unbeknownst to her, it is a fragment of the egg she hatched from. Cruella De Vil and Ursula stole the rest of it for magic to keep themselves young during their time on Earth. As it is the only thing she had of her birth parents, Lily was quite attached to it. As the Apprentice points it, the necklace compliments the star-shaped birthmark on Lily's wrist.

Looking Glass

A Looking Glass is a mirror that acts as a portal to Wonderland. There is also looking glass door in Jefferson's hat that can reach Wonderland. Some looking glasses act as mirrors to the World Behind the Mirror.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is a magic compass owned by Cyrus that can point towards something or someone the wearer has lost and wants to find again. Cyrus gained the Lost and Found from his mother, Amara, when he wasn't yet a genie.

Lotus Flower

The Dragon uses a Lotus Flower on his bird bath in his place of operations in Chinatown to see the Land of Untold Stories and to attempt to open the portal to bring heroes home.



Magic is a metaphysical and supernatural force featured on Once Upon a Time. The magic [witchcraft] on the series comes partially from the Holy Grail and is present in all the realms.

Witchcraft is a form of magic that mostly humans can use but unlike Fairy Magic or Divine Magic, witchcraft is strongly tied to emotions and learning. All practitioners are born with this power and some may even use magic right after their birth, like Zelena, while others need a proper teacher to push them to use it like Cora, Regina, the Red Queen and Drizella. But even people like Zelena and Anastasia need to be taught in order to control it fully. Depends on the practitioner, learning magic can sometimes last for years, as the Evil Queen's study approximately lasted for twenty years but some people like Dark Ones or Merlin did not to need to learn it or any teacher as it was the Holy Grail what granted them to use magic. Sometimes, the person can have a trouble with using magic because they are in a different land for the first time. This is what happened to Regina Mills after Mr. Gold brought magic to Storybrooke after 28 years because according to him, magic is unpredictable in the Land Without Magic but Regina later used her mother's spell book by smelling of the written words to get the magic flowing again. Underworld is also another place where magic is said to be unpredictable, but this time, Regina's inability to use magic was because she was blocking herself emotionally.

Some people like the Dragon or Anastasia can use magic even in the Land Without Magic. However, the reasons for it have yet to be explored. It is not known why practitioners sometimes use incantations to use Witchcraft but most of the time, they just simply use it without words.

The use of witchcraft is not an intellectual endeavor, but is tied to strong emotions like love and anger. One way to channel these emotions into magic is to think about and relive a moment that made you angry in the past. Another way is to think about your loved ones and how you want to protect them, and feel it. Just like Ice Magic, people can also lose control of their powers by having emotions like fear or extreme anger, which include but are not limited to thermokinetically hot a bottle of milk, push people off, light the lights on and off and shatter a mirror but they can overcome this by controlling it with the help of someone they trust. It is not known if there is a "magic gene", nor is it known that that can pass down. Cora, who could use magic, has two daughters who also can use magic. The same thing also goes to Mr. Gold and his son, Gideon. However, Emma, Jafar, Drizella and Anastasia have no known family member who can use magic, yet they use it.

When used, witchcraft often gives away a pink or violet glow and at times will manifest as a puff of smoke, which can vary in colors, depending on the practitioner.

Laws of Magic

The Laws of Magic define the limits of magical abilities. There are three restrictions even the most powerful magic is said to be unable to break:

  • Bring back the dead.
  • Force someone to fall in love.
  • Change the past.

However, these laws can and have been broken and changed by powerful spells. One of them is the combined power of three genies who have themselves overridden fate. This spell even makes the caster immune to the price of magic. Another case of law-breaking magic is the Time Travel Spell that was, in one case, enacted by gathering symbols of wisdom, courage, love and innocence.

Dr. Frankenstein attempted to use science to override the laws of magic and bring back his brother with a heart that had been strengthened against lightning surges by magic. Unfortunately, the end result was a violent, amnesiac shell of the former person Gerhardt had been. In one instance of a proper resurrection, Maleficent is revived after combining the blood of those who greatly wronged her with her ashes. In this case however, Maleficent was undead, allowing for a restoration to human form that did not break the laws. However, Maleficent later explains that she would turn back to ashes if she left Storybrooke, since there was no magic beyond the town border. It is possible she was reduced to ashes again when Henry temporarily destroyed Storybrooke's magic.

Another exception to the laws is that the Dark One is able to be resurrected from the vault if they kill themselves with the dagger. However, the price of this magic is another's life. Snow White had Regina rip her heart in half and give one half to Charming, whose own heart was used as the price of the second Dark Curse. Emma failed doing this with Hook, as his body had decayed too much because of the time he spent stuck in the Underworld. Maleficent was brought back to life after having the blood of those who wronged her most placed in her ashes. Unfortunately, she is confined to Storybrooke in the Land Without Magic (if she left, she would crumble back into dust). Also, the blood of a person that has died and come back to life can be used in conjunction with a portal to the Underworld to summon one or more dead people from the Underworld. However, their stay would only be temporary, unless a living soul takes their place thanks to the Mark of Charon. The only instance of a true resurrection in the series is when the god Zeus sent Killian Jones back to the realm of the living after he had passed on to Mount Olympus.

Price of Magic

The Price of Magic is the inevitable expense for using or casting magic. Often stated as a warning that "magic always comes with a price", but sometimes, the price is not foreseeable. Rumplestiltskin's curse has the heaviest penalty for gaining his Dark One powers. While the magic allows him to accumulate masses of power, it not only binds his loyalty to a dagger, but also corrupts and injures him both physically and emotionally.

Other prices include the Evil Queen's sacrifice of her father's life to unleash the Dark Curse upon the Enchanted Forest. In doing so, she creates a void in her soul that can never be filled; however, this is later shown to be partially incorrect, as Regina is now content with her step-family. At another time, Regina's attempt to outsmart and get rid of Emma by putting her under a Sleeping Curse backfires, as Mr. Gold predicted, when Henry is afflicted with the curse instead. Even Mr. Gold himself, who knows all too well there's always a price to pay, brought magic to Storybrooke, which returned his powers, but the cost forces a barrier around town to form, preventing him from leaving to find his son with his Enchanted Forest memories intact. (This is a running gag in the series, that changes each season; something bad happens if somebody leaves Storybrooke, or no body can actually leave.)

Normally, healing someone with an almost fatal wound doesn't require any price. However, if a Dark One is asked to do so, the person they saved is marked for a Fury to take to the Underworld; this was annoyance for Emma, who was forced to make Regina face the Fury to offer her own life to pay the price for saving Robin Hood. However, a compromise is possible, as Snow White, David, Leory and King Arthur linked hands with Regina when her life was being extracted; as there were five people offering their lives in exchange, it is likely 1/5 of their lives were taken to pay off the price.

Saviors appear to suffer a great price, as they suffer hand tremors and visions of someone killing them; their deaths appear immutable. However, the Shears of Fate can remove this destiny at the cost of removing the Savior's magic.

Physical description

Magic itself often manifests as a puff of smoke or sparkling dust, which can vary in colors, depending on the practitioner; possibly the differing colors may be due to whatever color the person favors most. Zelena's magic was green initially because of her envy, but she later starts favoring the color green. Emma's magic is white, due to her being the Savior and the product of her parents' true love; it changed to yellow after the darkness possessed her. While a Dark One, Hook's magic was red, which symbolized his bloodlust towards Rumplestiltskin. Purple seems to be the most common color for the smoke manifestation of magic in general. The color varies according to the wielder and/or the form of magic: for instance, most of the time a person sticks to one color no matter their location (although there are certain instances where, due to unknown reason, their magic color is different). Furthermore, the Dark Curse manifests as a very large black cloudy storm in shades of purple and green. In the episode "Kansas", Regina's magic changed from purple to white because she was able to use light magic only at that moment to stop Zelena.

Types of magic and known practitioners


Belief is the magical ability that, being unique to Neverland, grants the practitioners the ability to summon whatever they can strongly believe in. However, it has some limitations though such as the necessity of pixie dust to fly. Pan suggests that Belief magic is stronger than witchcraft, given he claimed he could override the protection spell on Zelena's heart to steal it. The known practitioners of Belief are:

  • Emma Swan
  • Henry Mills
  • Malcolm/Peter Pan
  • Gideon
  • Lucy
  • Rumplestiltskin

Blood Magic

Blood Magic is linked to a person's bloodline and can be used in spells for hiding items from those who aren't of the caster's bloodline. For example, the Wicked Witch was able to hijack the Evil Queen's protection spell over her palace since they shared Cora as a mother; Neal was able to reveal a hidden trove of magical objects in Rumple's castle due to being his son. The same method can be used to seal areas or locations. The Evil Queen later demonstrates that she can enter any area sealed by Regina since they are essentially the same person; Zelena and baby Robin can also pass through these barriers. Another use of blood magic is in Locator Spells, where someone's blood can be used to find a blood relation; such an example is Henry Mills, who can be used to find anyone in Emma and Neal's families. The known practitioners of Blood Magic are:

  • Evil Queen/Regina Mills
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Mother Gothel
  • Cora

Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic is a type of magic that is used by fairies and anyone who uses fairy dust. If one has been transfigured by dark magic, this dust can undo the spell; example is when Belle helped Prince Phillip, who was turned into a monster by Maleficent. Fairy Magic can also force people to break out into song. The known practitioners of Fairy Magic are:

  • Belle
  • Blue Fairy/Mother Superior
  • Emma Swan
  • Fairy Godmother
  • Henry Mills
  • Nova
  • Peter Pan
  • Robin Hood
  • Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
  • Silvermist
  • Snow White
  • Tinker Bell


Foresight is a magic that enables the user to see into the future. To an beginner, however, it would appear as a giant jumble of possibilities that may or may not come to pass; it would take time to learn how to sort out the events that would occur from those that wouldn't. As explained by Peter Pan, this magic doesn't work in Neverland, since time doesn't move forward there. Immortals cannot see the future of another immortal, or one who will become immortal; Merlin could not see Nimue's future, as she was destined to drink from the Grail and become the Dark One. The Authors also possess the gift of foresight in order to write the stories of fairy tale lands; they usually come in dreams, or visions. The known practitioners of Foresight are:

  • Henry Mills
  • Killian Jones (during his time as the Dark One)
  • Peter Pan
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • The Seer
  • Merlin and his apprentice
  • Emma Swan
  • Aladdin
  • The Oracle

Genie Magic

Genie Magic is used by genies (whether they were born genies or if the Nyx evokes the genie curse on them) to grant people's wishes. If a Genie is free, the cuffs that bound them to lamp are left behind; if someone puts the cuffs on, they become the new genie of the lamp as was the case with Aladdin. Their magic tends to backfire on the wisher if they wish for something too big. Such an example is Will Scarlet wishing to end Alice's pain, but as she was dying and suffering emotionally, the price he paid for his wish was to take Cyrus's place as genie. Will's friend Lizard makes the mistake of wishing for him to "feel anything at all" for her, which resulting in her dying so he could feel grief; she knew magic couldn't make him love her, so she was desperate. A great show of genie magic was when the Wish Realm was created by the Evil Queen trying to get rid of Emma; she wished Emma got her wish to never have been the Savior, thus creating an alternate universe where the Dark Curse failed. Genies can perform magic even when not granting wishes. The known practitioners of Genie Magic are:

  • Cyrus (formerly)
  • Jafar (currently)
  • Sidney Glass/Magic Mirror/Genie of Agrabah (formerly)
  • Rafi (formerly)
  • Taj (formerly)
  • Will Scarlet (formerly)
  • Aladdin (currently)
  • Unnamed Genie of the Lamp (formerly)

Healing Magic

Healing Magic is a source of magic that allows the person the ability to heal. This can also repair and mend damaged clothing the injured person is wearing as well, such as when Emma healed Hook from the damage he suffered from Hades' torture. The known practitioners of Healing Magic are:

  • Emma Swan
  • Regina Mills
  • Zelena
  • Rumplestiltskin/ Mr. Gold

Ice Magic

Ice Magic is a type of magic where the users can perform cryokinesis and create creatures made of snow and/or ice. Ingrid shows skill in leaving a time-delayed freezing curse in Maid Marian/Zelena's ice cream cone. Unless the user has exceptional control of their emotions, they will call upon this magic accidentally. The known practitioners of Ice Magic are:

  • Elsa
  • Ingrid


Persuasion is a type of magic that can be used to control others into doing their bidding. Isaac Heller gave Cruella this power, so it is unknown whether this is a unique magic in itself, or a part of witchcraft. As Cruella can no longer take life, "all [her] magic can do is make a dog roll over and beg." The known practitioner(s) of Persuasion are:

  • Cruella De Vil


Potioncraft is a type of magic that involves the use of potions. Although they can also be made scientifically as well, such as by Dr. Jekyll. From Season 4 onwards, Belle is never too far from a potion; she's given locator spells to the heroes, and keeps one that turns the victim into a frog in case a villain tries attacking her. Killian is shown to have kept a potion that enables his hook to take an enchanted heart. Dr. Jekyll creates them scientifically, preferring to call the potions "serums". The known practitioners of Potioncraft are:

  • Belle
  • Jafar
  • Blue Fairy/Mother Superior
  • Evil Queen/Regina Mills
  • Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold

8Fairies/Sisters of Saint Meissa

  • Wicked Witch of the West
  • King Arthur
  • Dr. Jekyll


Phylactery is a type of magic that allows someone's life force to be bound to an enchanted object in order to keep themselves indestructible. A Dark Ones' life force is tethered to the Dark One's Dagger after they become a Dark One. Zelena bound her magic and her life force to her pendant, meaning that if she dies, she is respawned from the pendant's magic.

  • Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
  • Zelena

Rock Troll Magic

Rock Troll Magic is a type of magic that is used by Rock Trolls or anyone who uses an artifact by a Rock Troll. This magic can retrieve or erase memories from selected targets. The known practitioners of Rock Troll Magic are:

  • Grand Pabbie
  • Ingrid


Song is a rare magic. Mermaids like Ursula typically have this magic, which can put others into a trance of tranquility. A fairy's magic can cause people to break into song; the songs usually come from the singer's heart and give them strength. Such magical songs can also be collectively placed in the heart of an unborn child, like Emma, to give them strength when they need it.

The known practitioners of Song are:

  • Ursula
  • Emma Swan

True Love

True Love is the most powerful and simple form of magic with capabilities of breaking curses through the act of true love's kiss. A True Love's kiss requires mutual and unconditional affection from both parties. It is also able to reverse effects of any negative witchcraft. True love's kiss can also break the curse of being the Dark One, but doesn't have any effect in The Land Without Magic. This also cannot break a Sleeping Curse if the recipient of the kiss no longer loves the kisser. A special case of being woken with True Love was Mr. Jones, Hook's father; no-one loved him before he was cursed, but Mr. Jones fell in love with the voice of his nurse and she with him, allowing True Love's kiss to wake him. A previous practitioner of witchcraft can gain this magic by opening their heart and loving another. Anyone born as a result of True Love is immune to having their hearts ripped out of their bodies, by an evildoer.

The known practitioners of True Love are:

  • Belle
  • Emma Swan
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard
  • Prince Charming
  • Prince Phillip
  • Ruby/Red Riding Hood
  • Will Scarlet
  • Regina Mills
  • Henry Mills
  • Gideon
  • Zelena


Witchcraft is a form of magic that requires the user to be adept in using spell books and incantations. When used, witchcraft often gives away a pink or violet glow and at times will manifest as a puff of smoke, which can vary in colors, depending on the practitioner. Those who use witchcraft can perform telekinesis, teleportation, transformation spells (on one's self or others), spellcasting, casting protection spells, use of mirror magic, enchanting objects, ripping hearts out of people's bodies, performing healing spells, use of telepathy, and other miscellaneous stuff like creating and/or casting curses, performing pyrokinesis, spin straw into gold, magically torture someone, conducting apparition of objects, being summoned by name, absorption of a barrier spell, restoring dry lakes, control over plants, possession of people, accelerating pregnancies to full term, and aerokinesis.

Magic can be enhanced/strengthened by another being, such as Hades, when he gave the Blind Witch more power to trap the heroes in the Underworld library; Regina noted that the Blind Witch's spells were always half-baked before. Another way to gain these powers without any method of training is to become the host of the Darkness, and thus the Dark One. Zelena is shown to favor using magic to get around Storybrooke, preferring it over the "death traps" everyone else uses.

The known practitioners of Witchcraft are:

  • Amara
  • The Apprentice
  • Black Fairy
  • Blind Witch
  • Cora
  • Drizella
  • The Dragon
  • Emma Swan
  • Evil Queen/Regina Mills
  • Glinda
  • Hades
  • Ingrid
  • Isaac Heller
  • Jafar
  • Jabberwocky
  • Killian "Hook" Jones (formerly)
  • Maleficent
  • Nimue
  • Peter Pan/Malcolm
  • Red Queen/Anastasia
  • Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold
  • The Sorcerer/Merlin
  • Trish
  • Ursula
  • Witch of the East
  • Witch of the North
  • Wicked Witch of the West/Zelena ( formerly )
  • Zoso

Magic Beans

Magic Beans are magical items grown by Giants. Atop a beanstalk in the Enchanted Forest, a race of giants live together in seclusion with no contact with the humans below. In the past, giants often grew magic beans and traded them with humans. However, this stopped once the giants learned the humans were selfishly using the beans to conquer and plunder other worlds. The smallest giant in the family, Anton, is very curious about humans and doesn't understand his brothers' enthusiasm for having beans that no one ever uses. One day, he climbs down the beanstalk to explore and becomes friends with two humans, Prince James and Jack. They tell him about the necessity of gold and treasures to keep the human kingdom afloat, and Anton goes back home to fetch some of the giants' treasures for them, but secretly, Prince James and Jack follow him up to lead an army to slaughter the giants and steal their magic beans. Only Anton manages to survive and destroy all of their growing beans so humans cannot have them. Before Anton's brother, Arlo, dies, he gives him a preserved budding from a stalk that can grow new beans.

As a young child, Rumplestiltskin is frustrated by his father Malcolm's continued behavior as a liar and cheat, despite that he loves him very much. When he is given a magic bean by two spinsters, Rumplestiltskin shows it to his father as a way of escaping the Enchanted Forest and starting over as a family elsewhere. Malcolm settles on a place called Neverland, which he often visited in his boyhood dreams. They arrive in Neverland where Malcolm is giddy with excitement. He attempts to demonstrate a magical ability to fly in Neverland, but it doesn't work without pixie dust. In a desperate act of regaining his boyhood years, Malcolm abandons his son so he can become young and immortal. When he reaches adulthood, Rumplestiltskin becomes renowned in the Enchanted Forest for both his dark powers and cruelty. His only son, Baelfire, becomes increasingly worried that the powers are corrupting his father. The Blue Fairy gives Baelfire the last magic bean in existence, which Baelfire later opens into a portal to a land without magic. Despite Rumplestiltskin's promise to his son, he backs out of their deal due to fear of losing his powers. He lets go of Baelfire's hand and watches him disappear into the closing portal alone.

Years later, Rumplestiltskin meets in a tavern with William Smee, who claims he can retrieve a magic bean for him, but wants eternal life in return; Rumplestiltskin agrees to the deal. His estranged wife and her new lover Captain Killian Jones obtain the bean from Smee and use it in a deal for Rumplestiltskin to spare their lives. After Milah confesses to never loving Rumplestiltskin, he kills her. Hook refuses to part from the bean, so Rumplestiltskin cuts off his left hand containing the item. However, he later realizes he has been tricked as Jones had the bean in his other hand. Hook uses the bean to create a portal to take him and his crew to Neverland.

After the second Dark Curse is cast, Hook looked for a magic bean to get to The Land Without Magic to give Emma the memory-restoring potion; he succeeded. When he told Emma of this, she points out that Magic Beans aren't easy to come by unless one has something of equal value to trade; shocking Emma, Hook reveals that he traded his beloved vessel, the Jolly Roger (which is the swiftest ship in all the realms), for a magic bean just for her sake.

Anton did manage to produce one magic bean from the burnt-out fields which Red used to return to the Enchanted Forest to look for more werewolves like her.

Regina gained one from the Wish Realm version of Rumplestiltskin, but failed to use the portal the bean created as she was distracted by the Wish Realm version of Robin Hood.

In a sneak peek of "Hyperion Heights", Henry uses one to create a sparking circle portal to drive his motorcycle into.

In a deleted scene from "Heroes and Villains", Emma mentions that Anton said that the next bean harvest wouldn't be until spring.

Magic Books

There are many Magic Books that are used in this series where some of them are magical. Among the known books are:

Book of Spells

Regina first learns of the Book of Spells after she is unhappily engaged to be married to King Leopold on her mother Cora's insistence. She complains to her father Henry of her mother's strong hold and he mentions something about a book a man gave her in the past that started her controlling nature. Regina steals the book, summoning Rumplestiltskin, who offers Regina help in getting away from her mother. With Cora gone, Regina returns the book to Rumplestiltskin with no other use for it. Rumplestiltskin informs her that she does not have to turn out like Cora even if she learns how to practice magic and have power.

One of Cora's Spellbooks was kept out of reach by Regina until her father Henry obtained it as the Spellbook can lead them to a hidden location where Cupid's Arrows are located.

Regina Mills later acquires the book in Storybrooke from Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) to retrieve her son Henry after his grandfather David Nolan (Prince Charming) takes care of him.

Great Book of Records

The Great Book of Records is a book in the Land of Oz that is possessed by Glinda. The Great Book of Records foretells of a powerful sorceress who will arrive in the Land of Oz by a tornado to join the sisterhood of witches and take the empty seat of Witch of the West. The other half of the prophecy also speaks of this witch unseating "the greatest evil the realm has ever seen", which the supposed Witch of the West named Zelena accidentally uncovers after a young girl named Dorothy arrives to Oz by a tornado. Fearing her place in the sisterhood will be usurped by Dorothy, Zelena fakes her own death and masquerades as the Wizard to deliberately lead the girl out of the Land of Oz.

Heroes and Villains Book

The Heroes and Villains book is a new story book produced by Mr. Gold at the end of "Mother." He has the Author Isaac Heller write new fates for the heroes and villains in it. However, as a result, history is twisted and sends everyone to an alternate version the Enchanted Forest. The roles have been reversed with the heroes now the villains and the villains living better lives. Examples include Regina and Snow White having the opposite roles, Rumplestiltskin being "the Light One," Hook being Blackbeard's cowardly deckhand, Lily being a servant of Snow White, and Robin Hood to be married to Zelena.

As Henry Mills was born in the Land Without Magic, he was left immune to the changes. He confronted Isaac, using the magic key to take them into a copy of "Heroes and Villains". He reunites with Emma, who was allowed her true memories as torture, and they attempt to have Regina share true love's kiss with Robin to break the book's spell. However, Henry is chosen as Isaac's replacement and uses Regina's blood to write away the false lives. After reality was restored, the book is now empty and all the other copies are now gone.

Jafar's Spell Book

In Wonderland, Jafar owns his own Spell Book. The cover on one of the spell books has the same design as Amara's spell book indicating that Jafar took it after he transformed her into a serpent staff.

Maleficent's Spell Book

The Maleficent's Spell Book is an Enchanted Forest item. It appears in the fourteenth episode of Season 4. The Evil Queen finds Maleficent's old spell book among her mother's things and takes it with her as she journeys to the Forbidden Fortress to meet Maleficent.

Merlin's Spell Books

The Merlin's Spell Books is a Camelot item. It is a set of books owned by the sorcerer Merlin which are kept inside his tower. They contain information about everything from Merlin's own spells to magical toadstools.

Once Upon a Time Book

The Once Upon a Time Book is a book of fairy tales depicting the lives of the characters which in turn are past reality. Its original origins are unknown (it is hinted that the Author in question could either be male or female), however, one day in the cursed town of Storybrooke, school teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard (Snow White) comes across the book in her apartment. She gives the book to her student, Henry Mills to give him hope as he struggles with belonging after being adopted. From reading the book, Henry becomes convinced that the people in the town are the characters from the book. His adoptive mother Regina Mills (the Evil Queen) is so concerned she begins having him see a therapist, Dr. Archie Hopper (Jiminy Cricket). Despite this, Henry never gives up on his ideas, and one day travels to Boston to locate his birth mother, Emma Swan, who he believes is the "savior" of Storybrooke. Amidst driving Henry back to Storybrooke, Henry tells Emma his beliefs in the book and that she is in it herself.[16] Regina later reads through the book and notices the torn out pages, questioning Henry about it. In an effort to bond with Henry, Emma decides the two must burn the missing pages of the book so that Regina does not see them.

After seeing a comatose John Doe (Prince Charming) in the hospital, Henry Mills shows Emma a picture of Prince Charming in his book and notes that they both have the same scar under their chins. He asks Mary Margaret to read to him and she agrees. While reading him Henry's story book, the man grabs her hand, eventually awakening to his cursed memories as David Nolan. Sheriff Graham (the Huntsman) has dreams of his past life so he visits Henry and asks him if he is in his book. Henry tells him the story of the Huntsman from the book. The book is later lost in a storm and Henry is distraught, though it is soon found by Emma in a puddle underneath her car. Unknown to her, this was all a ploy enacted by August Booth (Pinocchio) to convince her to believe in magic. Henry discovers the newly added story of Pinocchio and informs Emma, who is taken on a motorcycle ride with August to convince her she is the saviour of Storybrooke. Instead, she cannot handle the pressure and decides to leave the town with Henry, though she later returns him, deciding to leave alone. Regina Mills (the Evil Queen) attempts to poison Emma, realising Henry can never truly be hers if she is still alive. However, Henry discovers her plan and prove's the curse's reality to Emma by consuming it. The effect of the cursed apple causes him to fall into a deep sleep. Emma rushes Henry to the hospital and though she shows the apple turnover to Dr. Whale (Dr. Frankenstein), he does not believe it to be the cause of Henry's state. She empties Henry's backpack and discovers the book, which allows her to see the entire story of her parents placing her into the wardrobe, finally allowing her to believe in magic and the curse itself.

Regina later talks with Sidney Glass where she wants him to use his Magic Mirror powers to find the writer of the Once Upon a Time book. Regina plans to use the writer of the Once Upon a Time Book so that the villains in the book to have their happy endings. Henry then joins in the search, even as going far as working at Gold's Pawn Shop to find out if his grandfather knows about the book, only to have Gold later tell Regina that he did not know who the author was. After Henry discovers a secret room in the mansion that contains blank books with covers, all similar to the storybook, Emma joins Henry and Regina in finding the author; unfortunately, it turns out Gold actually lied to Regina about knowing about the author and vows to use the person to change the outcome.

August later reveals that the Author is trapped inside Once Upon a Time, and the key to getting him out is the picture of the door keeping them trapped. Revealed in "Best Laid Plans", there have been many Authors over the eons (which may have even included Walt Disney himself) to record the Enchanted Forest's history. However, the current one, revealed to Disney's successor after his death in December 1966, Isaac Heller, was twisting the facts into stories that amused him despite the anguish he caused others by manipulating them. As punishment, the Apprentice trapped the Author in the book. Many years later, Emma made the mistake of unlocking the door and letting the "Last Author" out. Henry becomes the next author and breaks the magic quill so that no one will be able to manipulate it again.

The Underworld has its own version of the book, which has all the stories of people that have died. As part of a deal he previously made with Liam Jones, Hades forced him to tear out the pages that had his own past with Zelena in it. Unfortunately, the current Author Henry Mills rewrote the stories and finally gave everyone their unfinished businesses before he returned to Storybrooke. Henry left the stories of the unfinished businesses in the Underbrooke Library for the other souls to find.

Henry later finds more copies in a New York library, among the stories shown in the pictures are Gulliver's Travels and Paul Bunyan. This implies that all stories heard about in the Land Without Magic are true.

When Fiona unleashed her curse in the Final Battle, she separated everyone from Emma by sending them back their realms and by doing so used the book to stop Henry from convincing Emma to believe that the stories in the book was real. After Fiona successfully manipulated Emma to turn on Henry, she tricked Emma into burning the book in the furnace, causing all the realms to burn. When Gold killed Fiona, the curse restored the book and restored Emma's beliefs that were tied to them, causing the realms to return to normal.

Another version of the book exists in New Fairy Tale Land, where the life of its inhabitants are recorded in it. The book ends up in Henry’s possession, and later Lucy. After the curse is cast, the book ends up with Victoria Belfrey and once she died, ends up in the hands of Regina.

Magic Broom

The Magic Broom is a broom enchanted by Mr. Gold to discover where is living the Apprentice in Storybrooke. Later, Mr. Gold uses it in the Lakeside Mansion to discover the Sorcerer's Magic Door.

Magic Carpet

The Magic Carpet is a type of carpet from Agrabah that can fly.

Princess Jasmine and Ariel once used a magic carpet to look for Prince Eric's caravan as part of an attempt to fight off Jafar. Later on at the time when the Black Fairy was trying to get Emma to lose her belief in magic and fairy tale stories, Princess Jasmine and Snow White ride a magic carpet to find Prince Charming and Captain Hook after the beanstalk collapsed.

In Wonderland, Jafar owns a Magic Carpet which serves as his mode of transportation. When Alice's true love Cyrus is thrown from a cliff into the Boiling Sea by the Red Queen, she believes he perished. However, it is later revealed that Jafar caught him with a magic carpet to exact his mission onto Alice.

Magic Gauntlet

The Magic Gauntlet is a magical item that originated from Camelot, and ends up in the possession of Rumplestiltskin following his visit to Camelot. It is used to lead to one's greatest weakness and is briefly stolen by the Queens of Darkness to be used to defeat their greatest enemies (Isaac, who took Cruella's ability to kill; Captain Hook, who stole Ursula's singing voice; Snow White and Prince Charming, who accidentally banished Maleficent's daughter).

Following the deactivation of the Spell of Shattered Sight and Ingrid's defeat, Rumplestiltskin has Belle pack her bags and get ready for their real honeymoon outside of Storybrooke and to the city of New York. As she packs, Henry stops by the pawn shop and helps her look for another suitcase. When pulling one down, the boy accidentally knocks a bunch of other items off the shelf, startling Belle. As they go to pick everything up, she discovers the Magic Gauntlet which she thought Rumple traded for her long ago. After Henry leaves, Belle does some thinking and decides to test out the Magic Gauntlet to see what her husband's greatest weakness is. Instead of leading her to herself, it heartbreakingly lead her to the real Dark One's Dagger as she has been keeping a fake since they got married. Belle is able to stop Rumplestiltskin just as he is about to crush Hook's heart and cleave himself from the weapon once and for all.

It is later revealed to have belonged to Merlin. Gunievere attempted to use it to find the Dark One's dagger, to put an end to Arthur's madding quest. However, she traded it to Rumple in exchange for sands from Avalon.

Magic Globe

A Magic Globe is a magical item that uses a locator spell by means of the user pricking their finger on a needle attached to the top and spilling their blood onto the globe to create a map. By unknown means, Cora comes into possession of the globe, and gives it to Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) in exchange for her daughter Regina's whereabouts. The globe indicates the location of New York City as the current place Baelfire can be found. Mr. Gold persuades Emma to accompany and assist in the search in New York so she can finally fulfill her end of her owed debt to him. To the shock of both, Baelfire is Neal Cassidy, who is Emma's ex-boyfriend and biological father of Henry; making all four parties interrelated by blood to each other. After Henry Mills is kidnapped and taken through a portal by Greg Mendell and Tamara, Mr Gold locates him to Neverland. He then agrees to travel with Emma, her parents, Regina and Captain Hook to follow and retrieve him.

In "Wish You were Here", the globe is shown to have limits; it cannot reveal the location of the dark realm the Black Fairy resides in. Mr. Gold was attempting to find his son, and to his horror, realized his mother kidnapped him.

Magic Gloves

The Magic Gloves are special gloves belonging to Elsa. They originally belonged to her aunt Ingrid. These gloves when worn can keep ice magic from getting out of control, if the user has enough belief in their ability to do so. They were given to Ingrid by Rumplestiltskin. Despite seeming to discard them in her film, Elsa is shown to still hold onto them. After Elsa was released from an urn into Storybrooke, she discarded her gloves again. What becomes of them afterwards is unknown.

Magic Hats

The Magic Hats are a type of hat that has magical abilities. Among the known magic hats are:

Jefferson's Hat

Jefferson's Hat is a hat owned by Jefferson who can cross dimensions to other lands by opening portals inside it. As Zelena notes, Jefferson had more than one magical hat because he was a hatter; one of them ended up in Oz.

First Hat

The Portal of Doors is a room in Jefferson's Hat where portals to various other lands are located. It is accessible to anyone who jumps into the hat. The room is circular and rounded with red curtains containing at least seventeen different doors. Some of known doors are:

  • A Tan Door
  • A Grey Door
  • A Pink Brick Door
  • A Green Door with a Hole
  • A Brown Door with Trees
  • A Blue Door with Four Holes
  • A Medieval Brown and Grey Door
  • A Green Curtain Door with O and Z handles : Land of Oz
  • A Reddish Door
  • A Oriental Style Red Door with Golden Knobs
  • A Light Red Door with Logograms on it
  • A Looking Glass : Wonderland
  • Glass Elevator
  • A Normal Door with a Keyhole
  • A Pink Door
  • A Greyish Door
  • A Stone-like Door

There are other lands that the hat can travel too, but with no confirmation of which portal leads to the lands :

  • Fairy Tale Land
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Camelot
  • Land Without Color
  • Victorian England

Sorcerer's Hat

The Sorcerer's Hat is a pointed hat that when worn or used allows the owner to wield unlimited power. The stars on the hat represent beings of magic that have been imprisoned in it. The Sorcerer's Hat is kept in a box that can be opened by a person that isn't consumed by evil or darkness and is kept under the watchful eye of The Apprentice. When Zoso attempted to acquire the Sorcerer's Hat, he was defeated by a mysterious protection shield. The Apprentice then tells Zoso that the box cannot be opened by someone who has accepted darkness in their heart. Zoso vanishes and the Apprentice says that no Dark One will ever open the box.

The Sorcerer's Hat has become an obsession for Rumplestiltskin in the Enchanted Forest, as he used Anna in his quest to retrieve the item by having her kill the Apprentice (of which he later tricks Anna by admitting to having give her an antidote to save the Apprentice, who turned into a mouse), and in Storybooke, where (as his alias Mr. Gold) has the item in possession and has gone to great lengths to use it, with the Apprentice being his first victim by sending him into the hat's vortex. It is later discovered that Ingrid had the item in possession after taking it from Anna, believing that she was going to use it on Elsa. When Ingrid (now Sarah) in Storybrooke saw Gold with the Sorcerer's Hat, he told her that he has the leverage that she wanted.

Gold would later use the Sorcerer's Hat on Emma in order to take her powers away but was thwarted by Elsa before it could happen, which was followed by using it successfully on the fairies while they were trying to come up with a spell to stop The Snow Queen from enacting the Spell of Shattered Sight on Storybrooke. Gold hoped that by absorbing magic from others, this would free him of the Dark One's Dagger and escape Storybrooke. Just as he almost succeeded in doing so, Belle saw through his deception and used the dagger on him, which resulted in his exile from Storybrooke leaving behind the Sorcerer's Hat.

Due to Gold's manipulations, not only were the fairies released, but the powerful demon Chernabog as well. At that point, it was revealed that the hat could only suck in magical beings once. An annoyed Emma compared the hat's ability to trap magical beings to the chickenpox.

The Apprentice was let out of the hat by Mother Superior, right before the Heroes and Villains book changed history. When the timeline was repaired, the Apprentice removed the darkness poisoning Mr. Gold's heart and send it into the hat; however, it was too powerful to be contained and escaped, and it fatally wounded the Apprentice in an attempt to possess him, before being driven out by Emma's light magic. The stars on the box appeared to be swirling into a black vortex before the Darkness escaped. This could, perhaps, mean that the Darkness swallowed all the other magical beings trapped in the hat to increase its power.

Magic Ink

Magic Ink is a type of ink that when used with a magic quill, allows one make anything possible when it is written. However, it cannot bring back the dead if they died in another world or alter the events that take place in the Land Without Magic. Magic ink is bestowed upon the Author of Once Upon a Time so they may record the events of different realms. However, the current user Isaac Heller began manipulating events and even writing a different book with happy endings in them for the villains. Magic Ink can only be given by the Sorcerer or created by mixing blood from the Savior/someone who has the Savior's darkness in them with the ink.

Seen in the Season 4 finale, the ink can even alter history. It gave Snow White and Regina the other's role, turning the once pure-hearted princess into the new Evil Queen, while making Regina a kind person. Rumplestiltskin also never became the Dark One, but is instead a knight and happily together with Belle.

Now that the Apprentice and Merlin are dead, the only way to create magic ink would be to use either Emma or Lily's blood; however, once they pass away, a new method will have to be figured out.

Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom is a growth mushroom found in Wonderland that can increase or decrease the size of the person who eats it. After the Queen steals her father back from this world, she picks a piece of the mushroom and lets him eat it so he can grow back to normal size. In the same land, a woman named Jack once rescued people from a creature called the Jabberwocky and as thanks she received a magic mushroom. Later, she helps Anton the Giant shrink to human size by giving him the mushroom.

During Alice's travels in Wonderland, she steals a piece of the mushroom from the Caterpillar and uses to shrink herself and evade the Queen's guards in the maze. The Knave of Hearts once used the mushroom to shrink the Cheshire Cat back to his original size.

Hook later asked Will Scarlet for a potion derived from the mushrooms, to restore the Jolly Roger back to its former size; when Blackbeard attacked Arendelle, likely seeking the payment Hans promised, Elsa shrank the ship into a bottle, accidentally sweeping Ariel in with it.

Another magic mushroom, the Crimson Crown (also known as Vermiculus Coronam), was discovered in Camelot, which is key to freeing Merlin from his imprisoned tree, but King Arthur would hide the item after David acquired it; the item would later be discovered in Storybrooke once again by David.

Magic Necklaces

There have been some Magic Necklaces that were used in this franchise:

Protective Necklace

The Protective Necklace is a magical item used to protect the wearer in the Netherworld.

Mr. Gold gives Henry a magical necklace that will help him control his nightmares and explains that he is being transported to a dimension between worlds, a side effect left by the sleeping potion.

Purple Gem Necklace

The Purple Gem Necklace is a magical necklace from Camelot.

It was given to Regina by Percival who claimed it was a gift from King Arthur, when in reality, Percival used it to spy on her.

Magic Neutralizing Chains

Magic Neutralizing Chains are an item that can prevent the one bound in them from using their magic. However, the person who cast the spell to put the chains on the victim must be adept at using their own magic, or the spell proves faulty. The flame from a candle can be used as a medium to materialize the chains. Emma attempt this spell to stop Ingrid, but her inexperience caused the spell to fail and Ingrid to cause Emma's magic to fly out of control.

In An Untold Story, Emma was able to conjure the chains on her own, without a medium, to bind the Evil Queen's arms after she split from Regina. The chains were left behind after the Evil Queen dissolved into dust.

Magic Paper

The Magic Paper is a paper that can be magically animated and folded. Cyrus once used it to send a message to Alice that he is alive in Jafar's lair.

Magic Quill

The Magic Quill is a type of quill that is made from an Enchanted Tree and is used by the Authors. Combined with Magic Ink, the Magic Quill makes whatever is written happen.

Chosen to be the next Author by the Sorcerer and his Apprentice in 1966, Isaac begins recording stories. At some point after this, he travels to a world based on 1920s England looking for a good story. Using his Magic Quill, he can write anything into existence as long as it is recorded using a bottle of Magic Ink. Falling in love with a charming girl named Cruella, he explains his ability to her and proves it by using the quill to give her a necklace and earrings. Issac asks her to run away with him. As Cruella still fears her mother, Isaac gifts her the ability to control animals. Insisting that she confront her mother one last time, Cruella decides to go home as Isaac waits for her return. Sometime during this, Cruella secretly steals Isaac's Magic Quill (something he discovers only after Cruella's mother Madeline reveals her daughter's murderous persona to him). After Cruella kills Madeline, Isaac retrieves his Magic Quill and managing to dip it into the ink bottle. Before all the ink spills on Cruella (whose hair turns black and white from it), she corners him at gunpoint only for a fast-acting Isaac writes on paper that she can never kill again. Sometime after this incident, Isaac abuses his role as Author by manipulating the Apprentice into infusing Maleficent's child with darkness and banishing the baby to another realm. While Isaac is in the midst of writing in a storybook, the Apprentice confronts him about his meddling to which the Author casually remarks that it made for a better story. Deeming him corrupt and unworthy of being an Author, the Apprentice formally asks Isaac to forfeit the Magic Quill before banishing him into the book.

When Emma releases Isaac from the book, he escapes into the woods. There, he attempts to carve a new writing quill from a branch until Mr. Gold tells him that it won't have magic unless it is made from an enchanted tree. Mr. Gold insists he come with him, a suggestion Isaac spits on regarding the latter as the most troublesome person he's written about in the book. Upon seeing Mr. Gold has an actual Magic Quill, Isaac questions what he wants. Mr. Gold proposes he write him as well as other people happy endings which Isaac eventually agrees to. Unfortunately, Isaac used the chance to write the stories to alter the destiny of the characters involved because of his hatred for what he saw was good in the heroes.

Upon obtaining Magic Ink with Regina's help, Isaac wrote himself to appear besides Mr. Gold's side as he begins Mr. Gold's plot to write new endings for his "Heroes and Villains" book. When Henry takes Isaac's place as Author, he considers only one selfish desire - to bring back Neal Cassidy. However, after learning the book can't alter the Real World's events, Henry snaps the quill in half, declaring no-one should have that much power. However, the Apprentice tells Henry that's what makes him fit for the role. Hook is later left annoyed by this as it's exactly what the need to combat the Darkness.

In the Underworld, Cruella explains that the Apprentice lied to Henry to make sure he wouldn't attempt to warp reality like Isaac had done. As Henry broke it, the Magic Quill and its powers were sent to the Underworld, and thus have unfinished business. Cruella persuades Henry to try finding the quill and using it to resurrect her. However, though the Apprentice's urging, Henry instead decides to rewrite Hades' story which was torn out of the Underworld Once Upon a Time Book by Liam under Hades' orders. The powers of the quill allow Henry to receive images of stories in his dreams.

Henry took the quill back to Storybrooke, where he uses it to take the Olympian Crystal from Mr. Gold in a bid to destroy magic.

When Henry was looking for the quill, the Evil Queen appeared with it in her possession since she didn't want Henry to use it on her. After Regina transferred some of the darkness of the Evil Queen's heart into her own, the Evil Queen returned the quill to Henry which he used to teleport the Evil Queen to someplace where she will get a fresh start. This sends the Evil Queen to the Wish Realm.

It is later revealed the Magic Quill forced its Author to write the stories. When the Black Fairy arrived in Storybrooke, it send Henry into a seizure-like trance that made him write details about the upcoming fight. It even prevents Henry from trying to make the outcome for the upcoming final battle in Emma's favor.

Magic Rose

Needing Belle to focus on helping the others in their quest to find Emma, Mother Superior conjures a Magic Rose in a jar, which is linked to Mr. Gold's life-force. So long as Mr. Gold is a live, petals will remain on the flower. Once all the petals are gone, his life has ended. Thanks to Emma, Gold is revived and the rose restored; however, she needs his now "blank slate" heart as part of her plan to draw Excalibur.

Magic Ribbons

The Magic Ribbons belonged to the three Arendelle princesses Ingrid, Helga and Gerda find a punctured kite in a tree and become enamored by the yellow ribbons on it. Ingrid, manifesting powerful ice magic, is reassured by her sisters that they will protect her secret. They then make a pact, with each tying a ribbon on their left wrist, to solidify the strength of their sisterhood. Years later, the trio are grown up, but Ingrid still fears she will be a detriment to her sisters' lives if the kingdom finds out about her powers. As a solution, they travel to the Enchanted Forest and bargain with Rumplestiltskin so Ingrid can control her powers. In exchange for their three ribbons, he will give Ingrid magic concealing gloves and an urn to seal herself if she ever becomes too dangerous.

With the casting of the first curse, Rumplestiltskin gains a new life as the pawnshop owner Mr. Gold. The three ribbons are some of the many relics that carry over from his former life and remain in his possession.

As her plan to make Elsa and Emma her sisters comes into fruition, Ingrid asks for the three ribbons from Mr. Gold, and for his benefit, she tells him the last thing he needs to be free of the dagger's control. Regaining the ribbons, she intends to put them on Elsa and Emma's wrists after they learn to accept their magic powers. Mr. Gold unintentionally speeds this scheme along by attempting to trick Emma, who desires to be rid of her magic, into giving up her powers to the hat. Elsa encourages Emma to accept magic as part of herself, and she too learns to do the same. Following this, the ribbons manifest on their left wrists and begin harnessing their powers, which then gathers in Ingrid's own ribbon. Finally, Ingrid shatters her mirror with the ribbon's combined magic and casts the spell of shattered sight. When Ingrid's curse commences, Elsa and Emma remain immune, due to the ribbons' power, while the spell's mirror shards ultimately turn other people against each other. Since conventional means couldn't break the ribbons, due to Ingrid's love for Emma and Elsa, they had to use an equally powerful magical hatred from Regina (whose inner darkness was released by the spell) to destroy the ribbons.

Magic Slippers

Magic Slippers are an item of footwear owned by the Wizard of Oz. It is noted that the Magic Slippers are based on the silver shoes from the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Likely to avoid being too much alike to the film, the slippers are silver instead.

As a young woman, Zelena's adopted father becomes frustrated at her powers and informs her that they are not her real parents, following her adopted mother's death. She decides to visit the Wizard of Oz to find her real upbringing. The Wizard of Oz tells her of her back story and of her half-sister Regina who was favored over Zelena to be Queen. Enraged, Zelena demands to go the land and the Wizard transports her there by means of the Silver Slippers. In Regina's castle, she meets Rumplestiltskin who trains her after she reveals her relations. Rumplestiltskin informs Zelena that she is unwanted to him as the heart of the thing she loves most (Rumplestiltskin himself) is needed to enact his curse; Regina is favorable as she hates him. Zelena leaves, telling Rumple that he blew his only chance to get to the Land Without Magic with the slippers. While posing as the Wizard of Oz, Zelena gave them to Dorothy Gale so that she can return to Kansas.

Some time later, Rumplestiltskin is seen in a conversation with Jefferson discussing the Magic Slippers. When Rumplestiltskin wishes to find the item, Jefferson informs him that the Magic Slippers have been "moved to another land."

Dorothy uses them to return to Oz in order to stop Zelena, but is humiliated. When Zelena goes to the Enchanted Forest to ruin Regina's life, Dorothy hides the slippers. However, once Zelena is banished back to Oz by Regina, she finds them to return to Storybooke. Zelena attempts to leave the Underworld with the slippers, but is coerced by Regina to give them to Ruby. The slippers are currently in Oz in the possession of Ruby and Dorothy.

Magic Staffs

There are different Magic Staffs that are used in this franchise.

Cora's Staff

Cora's Staff is a magical staff that is used by Cora to create a shield around a part of the kingdom of the Enchanted Forest to be protected from the Dark Curse.

Maleficent's Staff

Maleficent's Staff is a dragon-headed staff that is used by Maleficent. It can be used to cast spells, absorb fires, and block physical attacks. She rarely uses it in Storybrooke; the most notable instance was in the episode "Best Laid Plans", when she put all of Storybrooke's inhabitants under a sleeping curse.

Maleficent's staff is one of the most expensive single items (props which aren't duplicated) made for the show. For the show, the dragon head on Maleficent's staff was made from scratch while the orb embedded in the middle was originally a simple acrylic bowl. The staff handle's oddly bent shape was a deliberate touch to make the item stand out. Charron Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia were tasked with carving the dragon, and also cast the glass ball on top. It took them dozens of tries to get the right color scheme for the inside of the orb. The wood came from a branch twisted naturally into spirals.

Serpent Staff

The Serpent Staff is owned by Jafar in Wonderland. In his quest for revenge on the Sultan, Jafar casts a spell on his teacher of dark magic Amara which transforms her into a snake-shaped staff after she was turned into a snake. He, therefore, gains all the power of his master and uses the staff as his companion for various purposes that control his magic. So long as he held the Serpent Staff, Jafar could perform any spell that required two wizards and could easily overpower the magical power of the Red Queen.

When being used against Cyrus, this roused Amara's consciousness from within it, as she didn't wish harm upon her own child; this caused some resistance to Jafar. Following a hint from the Jabberwocky, Alice, Will and Cyrus learned how to free Amara from her staff form.

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