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Is This Henry Mills?
Season 7, Episode 20
Airdate May 4, 2018
Written by Dana Horgan
Leah Fong
Directed by Ron Underwood
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Is This Henry Mills? is the twentieth episode of the seventh season and the 153rd episode overall of the American fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time. Written by Dana Horgan & Leah Fong, and directed by Ron Underwood, it premiered on ABC in the United States on May 4, 2018.

In the episode, Henry’s future and that of the residents of Hyperion Heights rests on finding the spell that will change everything as Gothel prepares to unleash a new wrath on the Land Without Magic, while Facilier’s plan to use Sabine and Weaver are sidetracked by unforeseen circumstances. In the past, Henry’s faces a tough decision as he prepares to graduate from high school.

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Opening sequence

Regina's car is featured in the forest.

Event Chronology

In the Characters' Past (the present day)

In Storybrooke, Regina has Henry line up to a wall to measure his growth. As he leaves to school, Regina offered him her car. However, he isn't sure about colleges at this point. Later on, Regina surprise Henry with a bunch of brochures from universities for him to consider. Weeks later, Regina discovers that Henry was accepted to every university but Henry continues to have doubts about his future and isn't sure about what he wants.

The flashback reveals a twist in the story: as Henry goes upstairs to try on his cap and gown, he gets a surprise phone call from Regina's cellphone. When Henry answered it, it was the adult Henry on the other end, as the young Henry was the person would break the adult Henry's curse. The two, despite younger one didn't know to who he is talking to, made a short conversation. Before ending the call, the adult Henry told the young Henry where to find the box that was behind the dresser. When Henry does, it revealed a magic bean, which Henry will use on the day he leaves Storybrooke.

Later that night, Henry finally tells Regina that as he is ready to make a choice but would later let her know the following morning. The final moments have Henry writing his book called "Once Upon a Time" and narrates the opening tales about him and his family.

In The Present Day

A dark storm cloud has circulated around Seattle, and as Lucy tells Regina about how Facilier saved Henry from the curse but it failed to ignite True Love's Kiss between him and Jacinda, the two are startled by Gothel, who offered Regina a chance to join her Coven and save her family as she tells them that Henry has lost his powers in believing. Regina turns her down. Later on, Weaver makes amends with Regina by offering a special potion to help Regina save Henry. He tells Regina he's doing this because of Belle. But the potion she later gave Henry at his apartment doesn't work. Regina and Lucy decided to use another approach, by using the "Once Upon a Time" book, but that doesn't work either. At this point, Henry still doesn't believe and wants Regina and Lucy to stop this nonsense, as Regina tells him that the curse Gothel created sent everyone back in time and that their past selves have yet to leave Storybrooke (thus revealing that the flashback and the current realm are actually occuring alongside each other). After they returned to Henry's apartment, and after Lucy told him she has given up on him, Henry discovers the adoption papers and sees the phone number, calls the number and speaks to his younger self, which triggers Henry's memories to come back. Lucy is excited that Henry's back and they go to rescue Regina.

At the Coven, Rogers witnessed one of the witches being transformed into a tree as the power takes hold on Tilly and escaped. When he reached the police station, Rogers confronted Weaver about Gothel and the witches, and Weaver told him that everything he witnessed is true and that it will all make sense soon. The two then recruited Margot to help them. When they return, Margot attempted to talk Tilly out of it but Tilly used her magic to push her away. As the rest of the witches are turning to trees, Tilly shrinks them down in size.

Earlier that day at Jacinda's, Lucy and Jacinda are packing for Bainbridge Island when Sabine gave Lucy a backpack that Drew used. When Lucy showed the two a tarot card and told them about Facilier, the ladies decided to pay a visit to Samdi's office. When they do visit, Facilier is ready and show them a tied up Drew, then sticks a pin in a doll that caused Sabine pain and the women comply by joining him in the closet. The curse also woke up Ella and Tiana afterwards, but Facilier escaped before they can stop him. Tiana and Naveen are also reunited.

That night at the garden, Regina is ready to stop Gothel, but as Regina doesn't have magic Gothel gets the upper hand and succeeded. As Gothel prepares to destroy humanity, Henry and Lucy show up, and as Henry grabs Regina, he kissed her and broke the Curse, saving humanity. The curse not only restored everyone and their magic, but also gave Alice a chance to choose love over evil, and used her magic to transform Gothel into a tree, and placed flowers around it. The ending of the curse reunited Henry with Ella, Regina and Lucy, and Alice with Hook and Robin.

With Weaver's powers restored, the former Mr. Gold attempts to retrieve his Dagger, but it is not in his safe. He then visited Facilier's office and discovers his album book there. When Facilier walked in, Weaver attempts to use his magic to choke Facilier but stopped short of killing him. Unfortunately, just as he was about to ask Facilier about the Dagger, Facilier is killed in front of Weaver... by the Wish Realm Rumpelstiltskin, who now holds the Dagger and wants to become better acquainted with Weaver.

Production Notes

Archival footage of previous episodes were used in the episode, and featured an uncredited Jennifer Morrison.



The episode received critical acclaim. Critics praised the writing, music, and the performances of West, Parrilla, and Gilmore.

TV Fanatic gave the episode a 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Entertainment Weekly's Justin Kirkland gave the episode a A-.


  • First episode in this season that Granny appears
  • Upon seeing the witches' circle, Robin says "I once went to an Ayahuasca ceremony in Iquitos." Ayahuasca is an Amazon shamanistic mind altering brew used in religious/spiritual ceremonies. Iquitos is a city in northern Peru that has built a small tourist industry around providing supposedly authentic ayahuasca drug trips/spiritual experiences to folks who believe tripping balls is, rather literally, divine.
  • The title card features Regina's Mercedes from Storybrooke in front of the Seattle skyline
  • Tilly says that she's not an orphan or a street-rat, referencing two previous Saviours on the show - Emma and Aladdin.


  • The curse breaking shouldn't have brought magic to Hyperion Heights. When the first curse was broken, magic was not brought to Storybrooke until Gold did it deliberately. It was not part of breaking the curse.


Henry Mills: Dear mom, this is the personal essay I wanted to send, but couldn't. It's titled "Once Upon a Time." And it's the story of us.
Henry Mills: What is going on with you today? You don't really believe all this stuff, do you?
Regina Mills: [showing him the photo of them together they found] This isn't a fake photo. I looked into it. A real Regina Mills adopted a Henry Mills in Boston. These are the adoption papers. It's my signature. I'm Regina. It's all true, Henry. I am your mother.
Henry Mills: No, you are not my mother. I don't have a mother. No one gave me a home. I made my own home, and it went up in flames, Roni. And all I am trying to do right now is just move on, and you won't let me. Why?
Regina Mills: Because I need you!
Henry Mills: Okay, fine. You know what? I'll play along. Say my book is real. Where are all the real heroes, then? Where is Snow? Where is Charming? Where is Emma? W-Where are these heroes to save the day? Doesn't everybody always find each other?
Regina Mills: You can't find someone if you don't know they're missing.
Henry Mills: What the hell does that even mean?
Regina Mills: Gothel's curse didn't just bring us to a land without magic. It brought us back in time. Henry... you grew up. You left home. You went on amazing adventures. But Gothel brought you, and all of us, back to this specific time. Which means, right now, I'm technically still in Storybrooke, and so are you.
Henry Mills: Roni, listen to me. This has to stop. I'm not your hero. You didn't adopt a son. I am not that little kid.
Regina Mills: Yes, you are. You just stopped believing in yourself.
Henry Mills: Don't you get it? No one wants to believe that this is real more than I do. Because if this is real, that means that the pain that I carry around every single day doesn't exist. But it is still right there. So, no, I am not your boy wonder. I am just a sad grown man who couldn't even save his own family.
Regina Mills: Henry, I get it. I had thought it was just the curse, but your pain is real. Because the day we were cursed, you couldn't save your family. You were kidnapped, and you're still blaming yourself for it. But the difference between what you believe and what I believe is that I know you can still save us. Because we're right here. We've always been with you. I just need you to remember that.
Young Henry Mills: Hello?
[hearing his own voice, Henry flashes back and remebers events from his past]
Young Henry Mills: Hello? Who's calling?
Henry Mills: Is this... Henry Mills?
Young Henry Mills: Yeah. Who's this?
Henry Mills: Uh... I'm, uh... I'm just a friend of your mother's.
Young Henry Mills: Oh. You must be calling about the graduation party. Yeah, we moved it. We're meeting at Granny's now.
Henry Mills: It's my... uh, your... graduation?
Young Henry Mills: Yep. Heh. Sure is. Are you a friend of my mom's from work or something? Should I go get her?
Henry Mills: Oh, no, no, no. Wait. Um... uh... I just called to congratulate you.
Young Henry Mills: Oh. Well, thanks.
Mr. Gold: Welcome back... Captain Hook.
Captain Killian 'Hook' Jones: Crocodile.
Alice: Robin!
Robin: Tower Girl.
Alice: I told you we'd always know each other.
Henry Mills: Do we really have to do this now, mom?
Regina Mills: [wanting to measure his height] Come on, it's your last first day of school. Just give me this, and you'll never have to do it again.
Henry Mills: I'm not sure if SBC is the right move for me, since it's not a move at all. It's still in Storybrooke.
Regina Mills: Well, what's wrong with that? Storybrooke's your home.
Henry Mills: But I'm the only kid that wasn't whisked here from the Enchanted Forest. I'm from the real world. Maybe I should get out there and consider other options.
Henry Mills: So... I-I may have hit a curb, and dinged the passenger door.
Regina Mills: Oh, Henry, do you know what I put this car through? Scratches are a part of life.
Regina Mills: Henry, something bad is happening here. I need your help.
Henry Mills: Bad, like a curse? Roni, we are not fairy tale characters.
Regina Mills: Why else would you have kissed Jacinda?
Henry Mills: Because I am in love with her.
Regina Mills: Okay. Well, the-the glass slipper. How do you explain that?
Henry Mills: I don't know. A coincidence, a sign maybe that we needed to get over ourselves and just kiss. And we did. And the only thing that it broke was my delusion that I need to be somebody else to be happy.
Regina Mills: No, but a part of you wanted to believe. Or else what's all this?
Henry Mills: [she gestures to the corkboards of research in the room] Nick was a psychopath. And I admit it, I went deep down into the rabbit hole. But I was wrong.
Regina Mills: You're rationalizing away your belief... like an adult.
Henry Mills: I am an adult.
Henry Mills: Roni, why do you care so much about this?
Regina Mills: Because this isn't like you, Henry. Don't you want to believe?
Henry Mills: I do believe. In real Henry and real Jacinda and our real future. Listen to me. I am done searching for answers in some imaginary past.
Rogers: She said... Eloise said that Tilly is my daughter.
Weaver: And you felt a connection to her from the moment you met. A connection that's troubled you ever since. Isn't that right?
Rogers: Aye. And my heart... when I got near her, it was like I was being stabbed by a million knives.
Weaver: Gothel poisoned your heart as a punishment to keep you and your daughter separate. Now that she's bringing magic back, I guess the poison must have activated again.
Rogers: That must be why I couldn't rescue her.
Weaver: Rescue her from what?
Rogers: I-I don't know. So, the coven is locked in a ritual and Tilly is, too. It's like they have her under some kind of spell.
Weaver: Well, maybe we can break it. Get her out of there.
Rogers: How?
Weaver: Follow me. I have an idea.
Rogers: Hey. If what you say is true... who was - am I - in this other place?
Weaver: All you need to know right now is... you're a survivor. Captain.
Lucy Vidrio: Is that...?
Regina Mills: Yes. This is where Henry's belief went to die. This is where he thinks his family is.
Lucy Vidrio: You're not gonna dig them up to prove him wrong, are you?
Regina Mills: No!
Lucy Vidrio: Then why are we here?
Regina Mills: Because there are other ways of waking people up.
Lucy Vidrio: [Regina pulls Henry's book out and shows her a picture of Emma] The storybook. Of-of course. When Emma touched it, she believed.
Regina Mills: And maybe if Henry touches the second storybook, it might have the same effect.
Regina Mills: Victoria knew how powerful that book is. And if anyone wanted it, they'd have to pry it from her cold, dead hands.
Lucy Vidrio: Uh, you think the storybook is in there?
Regina Mills: Why do you think I kept my vault in a cemetery? When you have secrets that powerful, you take them to the grave.
Lucy Vidrio: So we're just gonna dig it up?
Regina Mills: Not we, me. Your mission is to get your father to the bar. Henry was always the one who made the rest of us believe. Today we're gonna return the favor.
Regina Mills: What's wrong?
Henry Mills: It's just... in the entrance essays, the Henry Mills I was writing about wasn't really... me.
Regina Mills: What are you talking about?
Henry Mills: I couldn't write about the time I got kidnapped to Neverland. Or how I met my first girlfriend in Camelot. I even had to lie about my own home.
Regina Mills: I read those essays. They were exeptionally well-written.
Henry Mills: That's not the point. They didn't accept the real Henry Mills. And i-if I go out there and keep lying, I won't be me anymore. Maybe I'm better off just staying at home. Mom, what do I do?
Regina Mills: I wish I can tell you to stay here and never grow up. But you're already grown up. And the only person who can tell you what to do... is you.
Henry Mills: Lucy, please. Just li...
Lucy Vidrio: No! You could believe; you just don't want to!
Henry Mills: It doesn't work that way. Okay? You may not understand it now, but you will when you're older.
Lucy Vidrio: I wish you could remember what it was like to be a kid - to-to believe - I wish you never grew up!
[she shuts the door in his face, and he sighs]>br?Henry Mills: Okay. I guess... we're not going to the island tonight. I'll call your mom.
Henry Mills: So... um... what's next?
Young Henry Mills: To be honest...
Henry Mills: You're having doubts.
Young Henry Mills: I told my mom it was because I didn't want to lie about who I am. But, um... it's hard... letting go of this place.
Henry Mills: Believe me, I know. Um, can I give you a piece of advice? Advice someone gave me a long time ago at my graduation?
Young Henry Mills: Sure.
Henry Mills: Home isn't a place. It's the people in it. And they will always be with you.
Young Henry Mills: Who'd you say this was again?
Henry Mills: Just someone who believes in you.
Regina Mills: [offscreen] Henry! We're gonna be late!
Young Henry Mills: Hold on, mom!
[into the phone]
Young Henry Mills: I'm sorry. I-I got to go.
Henry Mills: Have fun at your party, kid. And when you're opening your gifts, make sure you don't miss the one the tiny one that fell behind your dresser. You are gonna want that one.
Lucy Vidrio: Henry... what's going on?
Henry Mills: [recognizing her, he picks her up and hugs her] Not "Henry", Lucy. Dad.
Lucy Vidrio: You remember.
Henry Mills: Yeah.
Lucy Vidrio: But-but how?
Henry Mills: I remember that call. I always remembered it. It was so weird. Because it was me. I'll explain everything. Okay? But right now I need to help my mom.


  • TRON (1982)
    • Regina hands Henry a TRON lunch box
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