Flower Child
Season 7, Episode 19
Airdate April 27, 2018
Written by Edward Kitsis
Adam Horowitz
Directed by Tessa Blake
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Flower Child is the nineteenth episode of the seventh season and the 152nd episode overall of the American fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time. Written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Tessa Blake, it premiered on ABC in the United States on April 27, 2018.

In the episode, Gothel is ready to revive the Coven and wants Tilly to be part of the plan, and Lucy turns to another solution to save Henry, who is now dealing with the reaction from Jacinda about the tests. In the past, Gothel's origins of how she formed The Coven is revealed.

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Opening sequence

A carriage is featured in the forest.

In the Characters' Past

Many Years Ago, a young Gothel becomes intrigued by seeing a group of women trying out dresses that they plan to wear to an upcoming ball. After they leave, Gothel sneaks in and touches the dresses and causes a small rose to magically bloom, only to be caught by the women after they return. It appears that they're intrigued by Gothel, so they ask her to teach them magic by inviting her to the party. When Gothel arrives to a garden-like location, she unlocked a special door that enters a world in which it is revealed that Gothel is actually a wood nymph and isn't human. Unfortunately, her mother is not happy about Gothel being involved with humans and wants to groom her to become her successor. She is hoping that Gothel can embrace her destiny.

At the party, Gothel arrived, ready to interact with her newfound friends and show them magic. But it turns out that it was all a setup to embarrass Gothel, as they wanted to disgrace her in front of the humans by calling her an abomination. It also turns out that the humans had used this party to destroy and kill the nymphs because when Gothel returned to the garden she saw her mother clinging to life, and implores Gothel not to seek revenge on the humans and embrace her destiny by restoring their world. Gothel doesn't take her mother's words to heart and begins a mission to destroy the humans. Gothel returns to the party and begins destroying everything she touches with deadly plants and kills the person who befriended her. However, one of the friends decided she wants to join Gothel as she also kept a secret that she too has magic powers but kept it hidden in fear that she would be killed. Gothel then rids the land of humans before returning to her destroyed home with her friend.

The ending of the flashback reveals a twist in the story: the flashback of Gothel had taken place in the Land Without Magic, thousands of years ago. Gothel confesses to her friend that despite their realm being magical, the death of the tree nymphs by the humans has turned their realm into the first ever land without magic. Using a magic bean, Gothel and her friend decide to leave for another realm to find others like them to prepare for their return to the Land Without Magic to rid the land of humans once again after the would-be civilization begins.

In The Present Day

At the police station, Eloise/Gothel is paying a visit, but she's more interested in recruiting the desk clerk, and uses her magic to bring him into her plan to wake up The Coven. While this was going on, Rogers interrogated Drew about Samdi about how Nick died, only to have Drew continue to warn Rogers about how powerful Samdi is. Gothel then later stalked out Tilly, but assured her that she needed to be told the truth about her, and revealed to Tilly that she is her mother. Tilly doesn't buy that claim but Gothel reminded her that it will make sense very soon. Tilly later tells Rogers about the encounter.

At Jacinda's apartment, Henry is convinced the paternity test indicating that he is Lucy's father is genuine. But Jacinda isn't so sure and can't process the facts. Henry is starting to believe that Lucy is telling the truth and it might be tied to the book. As for Lucy, she paid a visit to Facilier/Samdi and told him about the fallout between Regina and Weaver after he took the magic needed to save Henry (Regina hasn't answered his messages) and this time believes that he can come up with a way to save Henry. Samdi suggests that Lucy find an item that can be used, as he warns her that Gothel is preparing for a war and Henry needs to be saved.

When Rogers and Tilly visits Henry's apartment, Henry lets them in and he shows them a display of residents that match the description of the book, and come to the conclusion that Gothel might be planning on something bigger beyond reviving the Coven. Moments later, Rogers gets a tip about Gothel's whereabouts, and he and Tilly trace it to a theater. Unfortunately, it was a trap set by Gothel, who is ready to reveal everything about Tilly and Rogers' true relationship by telling them that they're actually daughter and father by taking a drop of blood from not only Rogers and Tilly, but from Margot and vows to threaten all three if Tilly refuses. With Rogers being held hostage, Gothel compelled Tilly to join her Coven as she does have magic and Tilly gives in, as she sees this as a way to save Rogers. The Coven begins their revival of evil.

After uncovering a box of items from the apartment while attempting to convince Jacinda that she's Cinderella by rummaging through the souvenirs, Lucy finds the glass slipper and brings it to Samdi, who then uses it to create a spell that saves Henry, allowing him to live. However, when Henry returns to see Jacinda as he tells her that the stories could be real, he and Jacinda finally kiss, but as Lucy walked inside, she became disappointed that nothing happened with the spell.

Casting Notes

Lana Parrilla, Robert Carlyle and Mekia Cox are credited but don't appear in the episode.


Jacinda Vidrio: 'Cause you can't be Lucy's father because you and I, we never...
Henry Mills: Well, maybe... You ever been to Cabo?
Rogers: I took your suggestion and looked at Nick Branson's M. E. report, and it doesn't make any sense. It says he was stabbed from the inside.
Drew: I told you Samdi was powerful.
Rogers: No, you see, I'm gonna need you to be more descriptive than that. How did he do this?
Drew: He used magic.
Rogers: Magic. So that's your story.
Drew: Magic is real, Detective.
Rogers: Magic is a fairy tale.
Drew: Yes, it is. It's not from this land, a land without magic, but there are shreds of it that have made their way over. The sooner you accept that, the more likely that you're gonna survive.
Seraphina: How many are dead?
Mother Gothel: All of them. I wiped the land clean.
Seraphina: May the Gods forgive.
Mother Gothel: There's nothing to forgive. It's not even permanent. Some slimy lump will flop ashore, crawl towards humanity again. And as is their way, it'll be worse. I shudder at the thought of what destructive civilization they'll create next. This time, they'll do it alone in a cold world because now they've created something that's never been before. A land without magic.
Mother Gothel: Nature's witches, words unheard, our wishes worthless, worse than dirt. Until we learned what we were worth, to turn our hurts into your burns. Our purest urges now emerge. old for nursery. Dark for church. Close the circle. Purge the earth.
Flora: Instead, you find a place to grow anew. That is your responsibility now. Remember what you were destined to blossom into. My daughter, all mothers know that only goodness can bear sweet fruit.
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