These are the official accounts and websites of the cast of Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

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Additional ways to contact the cast of Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Please be cautious when going to each link.


Rebecca Mader

Sophie Lowe

Emma Rigby


Sophie Lowe

Jared Gilmore

Jared Gilmore (Jared's Nightingale_Styx's YouTube)

The Enemies (Colin's former band)

Brighton Sharbino

Carolyn Hennesy

Rose McGowan


Once Upon a Time: oncesnaps

Rebecca Mader: bexmader

Emilie de Ravin: itsemderavin

Jared Gilmore: jared_gilmore5

Lana Parrilla: itslanaparrilla

Karen David: itsKarenDavid

Brighton Sharbino: brightonrose


Alison Fernandez: tvalison

Lana Parrilla: imlanaparrilla

Keegan Connor Tracy: keegolicious

Bailee Madison: baileemadison

Rebecca Mader: bexmader


Colin O'Donoghue's Official Website

The Enemies (Colin's former band)

The Enemies's iTunes

Sophie Lowe's Website

Sophie Lowe's Soundcloud

Sophie Lowe's iTunes

Jamie Chung's Official Website

Raphael Sbarge's Official Website

Isabella Blake-Thomas's Official Website

Isabella Blake-Thomas's LinkedIn Profile

Karen David's iTunes

Carolyn Hennesy's Official Website

Carolyn Hennesy's Pinterest

Carolyn Hennesy's LinkedIn Profile

Kevin Ryan's Official Website

Jared Gilmore's TwitchTV Website

Jared Gilmore's Discord

Sage Brocklebank's Official Website

Keegan Connor Tracy's Official Website

Adam Croasdell's Official Website

Tammy Gillis' Official Website

Sam Witwer's Official Website

Caroline Morahan's Official Website

Mekia Cox's Official Website

Mig Macario's Official Website

Sarah-Jane Redmond's Official Website

Tzi Ma's Official Website

Jorge Garcia's Official Blog

Heather Doerksen's Official Website

Heather Doerksen's Pinterest

Kristin Bauer van Straten's Official Website

Seth Isaac Johnson's Official Website

Rose McGowan's MySpace

Rose McGowan's Offical Website

Rose McGowan's Spotify

Sebastian Roché's Cameo


All these email addresses are probably monitored by the assistant or parents/guardian of the person so email at your own risk.

Sophie Lowe's Email:

Jared Gilmore's Business Inquiries Email:

Brighton Sharbino's Business Inquiries Email:

Kristin Bauer van Straten's Email:

All of the cast members' Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook are posted in their infoboxes on their Wikia pages.

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