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Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk.
  • Doing The Dishes by justanoutlaw - Summary: David wants attention from his husband, so he does it the only way he knows how. NSFW.Rated M, Completed
  • Guilt In The Normality by Ecrivaisseur - Summary: He knows what they’re doing is wrong. He’s thought about many times and he continues to come back to that conclusion again and again. . . but, yet, he's not sure he'll be able to let him go once and for all. Rated M, Completed
  • CaptainCharming Oneshots by realityisforgotten - Summary: based on ABC's Once Upon a Time characters Some random collections of my CaptainCharming (Captain Hook x Charming) fluff oneshots. I promise it's all fluff- no smut Though the fluff might be close to smut, there's no actual smut. Ongoing
  • Drunk On Your Love by Phanstarlight - Summary: It wasn't often David and Killian managed to find time alone together. But when they did, David discovered many things about the man who had captured his heart. Especially about how loving and affectionate he was. Captain Charming fluff. Rated K; Completed
  • Leave Just a Sigh by captaincharming - Summary: Killian falls in love with David in an unexpected way, but when it's taken from him, can he find David again? Rated M; Work in Progress
  • Worth the Risk (Once Upon a Time - CaptainCharming AU) by TheEddsworldTrashbag - Summary: David wants to marry for love. Something he isn't going to get while living with King George. So he runs away. Will everything work out for him and his newfound companion - read to find out An au where David + Snow never meet, David's mother still dies because George wants to avoid people becoming suspicious Ongoing
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