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This page is for the waiting list. If any admin quits or somehow is not a admin anymore, you can be admin! Here is the list, so far:

There is a maximum of three users on the list.

When you get put on the Admin Waiting List, you will also be promoted to rollback. For more information on what a rollback does, look here.

Rules to be an admin

  1. You must make quality edits, and have around 1,500 edits so far to be considered.
  2. If you get a warning while on the admin list, you will be taken off and the next user will be put in your place.
  3. You must be on the site often (and have been on the site for about a year before being considered for adminship).
  4. You must be respectful and helpful towards other users.
  5. You must be mature and responsible.
  6. You must follow all our policies!

How to nominate a user

  1. You must have made at least 50 edits on this wiki and have been a user on here for at least one week.
  2. You must write a small summary on why they should become an administrator.
  3. You can nominate yourself or another user, just make sure you or the other user has met the requirements.


The Admin: OnceUponATimeFan3