A Taste of the Heights
Season 7, Episode 12
Airdate March 9, 2018
Written by David H. Goodman
Brigitte Hales
Directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado
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A Taste of the Heights is the twelfth episode of the seventh season and the 145th episode overall of the American fantasy-drama series Once Upon a Time. Written by David H. Goodman and Brigitte Hales and directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado, it premiered on ABC in the United States on March 9, 2018.

In the episode, Regina and Zelena become suspicious of another character hiding his ruse as being cursed while at the same time uses a friend of Sabine’s to win her with loyalty, Henry’s romance with Jacinda is about to be sidetracked after Lucy discovers a passage in the storybook, and Rogers and Weaver discovers a new twist that is tied to the doctor’s death. In the past, Tiana is warned by Facilier about a threat that leads her to Naveen once again helping her in this quest.

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Opening sequence

The “Rollin’ Bayou” is featured in the background.

In the Characters' Past

During the coronation of Tiana from princess to queen, Facilier shows up with a set of tarot cards to warn her of impending danger. Skeptical about his claims, Tiana decided to find out anyway with help from Cinderella and Hook. They soon stumble upon a major wreckage that was caused by a giant alligator, and discovers Prince Naveen there, as he is also hunting down the creature. A reluctant Tiana allowed Naveen to lead them as he can track the footprints of the alligator, and it leads them to a narrow bog, and Tiana and Naveen take the risk by crossing the lake in hopes of capturing the creature. Tiana, who had suspected that Naveen was doing this as sport, learned from the Prince its out of seeking revenge for killing his brother.

As they reached the middle of the lake, the gator went after Naveen and snatched him, but Tiana suddenly remembered seeing a spear that Naveen had that was similar to the one Facilier had and she used it to kill the creature but Naveen is now badly injured. When they returned to land, they are greeted by Facilier, who healed Naveen but at a price, which was to have the gator killed in order to retrieve a necklace. Tiana agreed to the favor but after he healed Naveen, Facilier used his magic to send him away until Naveen can repay him back.

Days later after the coronation, Tiana asks her friends to help guard the kingdom as she prepares to meet her people. However, it turns out that Regina suspects that Facilier is not far away and can feel his presence. It also turns out that the necklace Facilier was trying to retrieve was actually Regina’s, and she was hoping that he returned it to her as part of a deal that was made between the two.

In The Present Day

Henry has now taken on a new role as a podcaster, and as he uses the podcast to point out Victoria’s suspiciously shady deals in the wake of her death, he also talks about Jacinda, of which he hopes to win her affections.

At the food truck, Sabine is ready to sell her beignets when a former classmate from cooking school named Drew (Prince Naveen in this cursed realm) shows up with his food truck offering Cajun food. As the two complimented each other on their specialties, an officer showed up to shut Sabine’s truck down over a delayed permit and she suspected Drew of doing this, but Drew, being noble about his upbringing and his decision to reject his family’s path, helps Sabine find her permit. Unfortunately, it turns out that Drew is aligned with a mysterious character named Samdi, who is also Hyperion Heights’ cursed Dr. Facilier.

The presence of Samdi is getting the attention of Regina and Zelena as well, but they know that he isn’t cursed either because when he showed up with an offer to pay for the bar, the sisters pretended to act as if they were cursed to see if he knew if they were, and their hunch was right (he got their cursed names wrong). Samdi offers Regina a chance to enjoy a evening with him at his apartment and she agrees. It also turns out that Samdi and Regina also have a history together as a couple because when she stopped by his apartment the two embraced and kissed each other.

Meanwhile, as Henry and Jacinda become more of a couple, Lucy’s chance of becoming a family is dashed when she reads the “Once Upon a Time” book and discovers a passage that reveals that if Henry and Jacinda kissed he’ll die upon the breaking of the curse, so she stopped the two from kissing.

Around the same time, Weaver and Rogers began investigating the recent death of the doctor from the hospital, and it leads them to a blind baker who has ties to the doctor because she also ties to the Coven of Eight. The officers suspect that something isn’t right, so when they break in to the shop they find her knocked out but unconscious by an oven as if someone was trying to kill her with carbon monoxide in order to cover their tracks. Upon examination of a similar symbol that both the doctor and the baker had tattooed, Rogers and Weaver both concluded that the witches are now being targeted by someone who wants to eliminate them but the question is why.

Other Information

This was the first episode to be broadcast on Netflix UK on a Saturday.


Henry Mills: Every story comes to an end... but who gets to decide when that is? Or whose story it really is, anyway?
Jacinda Vidrio: And speaking of cool, tonight's the night... Taste of the Heights is happening.
Lucy Vidrio: A food fair in an abandoned skate park? Oh, that's so cool!
Sabine: Yeah, it's definitely different. I mean, I can't argue with the hipsters, though. They love their niche marketing. And also beards... for some reason.
Roni: We have bigger problems than your fiancé right now. Look.
[Shows card]
Kelly West: [Reads] "Baron Samdi". Who's that? Sounds like a colonial dictator.
Roni: No, try Dr. Facilier.
Kelly West: The voodoo witch doctor with that ridiculous hat?
Weaver: Turns out, the doctor had a scar we missed.
Roni: Looks like a tattoo removal.
[Gets a look]
Roni: Apparently, in my cursed persona, I made some poor decisions. I mean, who loves Def Leppard lyrics that much?
Sabine: Lucy's right, J. The man did step up. What more are you waiting for?
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